Zeal Optics HD Camera Goggles

October 21, 2015

Zeal Optics HD2 Camera Goggles have become a talk of discussion.


These goggles have a built in 1080p camera that sits dead centre on your forehead to capture the perfect angle for that ultimate freestyle edit.

Zeal Optics Goggles. Camera. HD2

The googles are complete with a 1080p HD quality lens that shoots both video playback and stills. the 120 degree lens offers a wide screen view, with the viewfinder is built into the goggles themselves.

The goggles are also wifi compatible and connect up to the mobile app for playback and additional settings. For those who want instant gratification, you can also playback footage on the LCD screen located in the goggles themselves – that way you don’t need to reach into your pocket for that phone of yours.

The camera offers different modes. After selecting your preferred resolution and frame rate, you can then also select a color and lighting scheme – your choices Auto, Sunny, and low light. You can also opt for SlowMo Mode, or you can choose between single, sequence, or time lapse photos to be taken with the 12 MP still shot option.

The HD2 Camera goggles have a built in SD Card slot, and a micro USB to charge.

Zeal Camera Goggles HD2

The battery status and mode are indicated or the right hand LCD screen in the goggles themselves, while the power, settings, and wifi buttons on the outer right side.

Zeal Optics Camera Goggles

Zeal is a company from Boulder, CO boasting Passion, Purpose, and Adventure to be their 3 core values. They are a fairly eco-friendly brand aiming for the use of the most sustainable materials possible.

ZealOptics. Camera. Goggles

The company offers sustainably sourced material for all their goggle straps and wants to promote this across the field. Their “plastics” are also not plastics at all, and are rather plant based resins containing zero petroleum.

Zeal has boosted the goggles since the first release . Check out more. 

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