From great, to greater: MEC moves into the alpine sports industry

October 14, 2015
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Starting Tuesday, October 20th, Mountain Equipment Co-Op will officially be selling alpine equipment!


Downhill Ski gear will be available for purchase both online, and in selected stores next week. The first four stores to offer this new line to customers will be located in Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. We can expect to see other locations across the country carrying the gear in as little as one year.



Mountain Equipment Co-Op, better known as MEC is a Canadian Co-Op geared towards the typical outdoorsman. It was founded in 1971 with the mission to promote active outdoor living and wilderness activities.

MEC has been known for years to target only “self propelled” outdoor activities. The company focuses on encouraging active living, while steering clear of motorised sports.

MEC has therefore always offered solutions for backcountry and cross country skiing, but never “lift-assisted” downhill. Resort-Style Skiing and Snowboarding use a motorised chair to pull athletes up the mountain, and therefore, MEC has never before supported these sports.

That is all about to change.

MEC has 18 locations, spread across the country, with approximately 50% of sales comes from the Western regions. Offering downhill ski equipment is expected to boost sales in Central and Eastern Canada.

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So Evolve Campers, swing by the Toronto location on Tuesday and talk to store manager, Sean McSweeney, about the new downhill skiing display!


Read more from Globe and Mail, and check out the new gear on the MEC website.

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