From beginners to advanced, including freestyle!

Hop on Board for an Unforgettable Winter.

Evolve Snow Camps runs two programs at at Mount St, Louis Moonstone in Southern Ontario. Our Evolve Snow Camps Lesson program is for snowboarders who want to learn and progress in downhill snowboarding, and our Evolve Snow Camps Freestyle Snowboard program is for snowboarders who want to progress in free-riding, park, pipe, and other freestyle snowboarding skills.

Camp is offered on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter season and includes lift tickets and transportation via bus pickup at central locations in the GTA.

  • Prices starting at $1495+tax
  • Suitable for kids ages 6-15
  • Bus and Drop off Camps available
  • Includes full day lessons from 9:30-3:00pm including lift tickets
  • Saturdays and Sundays in January, February, and March

Learn About Our Snowboarding Programs

Evolve Snowboard Lessons

Evolve Snowboard Lessons

Evolve Snowboard Lessons

Grow and have fun in the snow. Evolve Snow Camps offers all day beginner, intermediate and advanced snowboarding lessons for campers ages 6-15. 


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  • Downhill Snowboard Lessons
    Downhill Snowboard Lessons
    • 5.5 hours of instruction and supervision. 
    • 1:8 staff-to-student ratio.
    • Transportation to the mountain from various pick up spots. See our Pickup Locations.
    • Games, fun contests, and memories to last a lifetime.
    • Equipment and Lunch is NOT INCLUDED!

Let’s Hit The Slopes!

Evolve Snow Camps is the best way to spend winter. Our Programs fill up fast, so enroll today!

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Freestyle Snowboarding Lessons

Freestyle Snowboarding Lessons

The Evolve Snow Camps Freestyle Snowboard  program is for snowboarders who want to progress in free-riding, park, pipe, and other freestyle snowboarding skills. Each camper is grouped according to individual skill levels.

Campers signing up for Beginner Park and Freestyle programs must already have a strong foundation in snowboarding.

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  • Lessons Include
    Lessons Include
    • High performance freestyle coaching
    • 5.5 hours of instruction and supervision.
    • 1:8 staff-to-student ratio.
    • Transportation to the mountain from various pick up spots. See our Pickup Locations.
    • *Equipment and Lunch is NOT INCLUDED!
  • Mount St Louis Moonstone Terrain Parks
    Mount St Louis Moonstone Terrain Parks

    Mount St Louis Moonstone offers three great terrain parks perfect for developing freestyle fundamentals.

    The Skool Yard is perfect for newcomers to the park, with ride-on boxes and mellow jump lines in a forgiving layout. The Junkyard is the next level park which offers a wide variety of jumps, boxes, rails, and a half pipe.

    The Outback is suitable for our advanced freestyle snowboarders with big jumps and long rails and boxes.

The most fun and exciting way to spend winter in Canada!

Freestyle snowboarding is a thrilling and rewarding experience, and Evolve Snow Camps is the best place to progress, and have fun with friends.

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  • Safety First
    Safety First

    We adhere to strict safety protocol and industry standards to maintain a safe and fun learning environment. Campers are supervised from arrival to departure, and our staff undergo a rigorous training program. It is mandatory for all campers to wear safety equipment regardless of age or skill level.

  • Challenge By Choice
    Challenge By Choice

    The Evolve Camps’ philosophy of ‘challenge by choice’ allows for campers to progress at their own pace. Our coaches  encourage campers to set goals and challenge themselves, without pushing campers past the threshold of their skill level and comfort zone, ensuring a safe and fun experience.

  • Skill Levels
    Skill Levels

    Beginner snowboarders at Evolve Snowboard Camps quickly advance through fundamental techniques, mastering basics like balancing and basic turns. They then progress to more challenging terrain, honing advanced techniques such as carving and navigating parallel turns. Safety measures are rigorously enforced, with group sizes adapted to individual progress.

    Intermediate snowboarders at Evolve Snowboard Camps delve into more complex maneuvers, including carving, and off-piste snowboarding. They refine their skills through structured lessons and focused practice sessions.

    Advanced snowboarders at Evolve Snowboard Camps benefit from personalized attention and goal-setting sessions to maximize their progress. Instructors closely monitor morning warm-ups, tailoring afternoon sessions to each snowboarder’s specific objectives, ensuring they leave the camp with a comprehensive set of new skills and techniques to master.

    Freestyle Snowboarders focus on jumps, rails, and other features in terrain parks. They develop their skills in a safe and encouraging environment while advancing in traditional snowboarding techniques.

  • Equipment Guide
    Equipment Guide

    In action sports the importance of quality equipment cannot be overlooked. It serves as a cornerstone for ensuring safety and enjoyment during activities. From durable helmets to sturdy boards and bikes, good gear not only minimizes risks but also enhances the overall experience by providing comfort and reliability. Whether cruising on a skateboard, mastering tricks on a scooter, or hitting the trails on a bike, investing in good quality equipment enables kids to fully immerse themselves in their chosen sport with confidence and enthusiasm.

    Check out our Equipment Guide Here

Snowboarding FAQ

01. My child is in the freestyle program, do they need to wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards, like the ones you wear for hockey are a great way to protect your child’s teeth. They also help protect campers from biting into their lips.

02. Can my child practice their tricks on the Mount St. Louis Moonstone Air Bag?

Individuals or groups that want to participate in the airbag program must pay for the season’s pass. Air Bag costs are not included in the cost of camp.

03. My child is 6 and is in the youngest group you have. Do instructors bring them in frequently for bathroom breaks, snacks or even warming up?

With our youngest campers in the 6-8 age range, instructors tend to come inside a little more often for snacks and warming up.

04. My child has no clue and is way too young to put on his own equipment. Do your coaches assist younger kids?

Our coaches help any child, especially the youngest ones with all their equipment needs. They assure boots are on tight, helmets are on properly and all outerwear is properly covering their skin.

05. What kind of movies do the kids watch on the bus?

We generally like to bring ski and snowboard movies. Campers are allowed to bring videos which are rated Family or PG.

07. Are there any breaks in the afternoon?

Groups take breaks as needed. With younger kids there are mandatory rest breaks.

08. Should my child bring snacks for the ride home?

It is recommended kids bring enough food for lunch and snacks for the way home. This will ensure that if there is a delay on the highway due to weather, they have food to eat.

09. What should my child pack for the day?

All campers should pack their ski or snowboard equipment, which will be loaded on the bottom of the bus. On the bus they should pack a bag (small duffle or backpack) with gloves, helmet, goggles, food, snacks, extra socks in case, hand warmers incase, ski and snowboard boots should also be on the bus.

10. What happens on extreme cold days?

In the history of Evolve Snow Camps, we have not cancelled any program due to extreme cold weather. The only way we will cancel a day is if the mountain closes.

11. What happens on a day where it rains?

Our program continues even if it’s raining. If Mount St. Louis Moonstone closes for the day then we will close. If the resort is not closed it’s a good idea to send your child up with extra change of clothes, poncho or large garbage bags works. Extra gloves are a good idea! The likelihood of rain at Mt Norquay in the winter is less likely.

13. When is my child ready for the freestyle program?

Your child’s instructor will notify them and the snow school director that the move is needed or recommended

14. What is your freestyle program all about?

Our freestyle ski and snowboard program offers terrain park instruction. Our terrain park program also caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

15. What if my child gets injured or sick and can't start or continue the program?

We offer medical/emergency insurance, which is available for purchase at the time of enrolment. We highly recommend it.

General FAQ

02. How do you teach someone an action sport?

On the first day of camp we assess a camper’s skills. After we break into groups we run through a series of fundamental skills to make sure everyone in the group is on the same page. Then, we hone in on skills through demonstration by staff and repetition by our campers. We have found this to be a useful teaching method for skateboarding, biking, snowboarding and many other action sports. Many people have learned on their own after years of practice and hard falls: at Evolve, we’re confident we can accelerate the process through our methods of teaching – sometimes with a healthy number of falls!

03. What is the staff to camper ratio?

Evolve Camps for all sports have a 1:6 or 1:8 staff to camper ratio, ensuring that all campers are receiving sufficient attention and supervision.

04. Do campers have to participate in lessons?

Campers are not forced into camp lessons, but they are asked to participate. If the lesson is covering skills that the camper has already mastered they will be able to free ride. They will then receive a one on one lesson in the afternoon where they can work on a new skill.

05. How do you ensure safety at camp?

Extreme sports have their inherent risks – it’s hard to progress in these sports without taking on new challenges and exposing ourselves to greater risk. At Evolve, we try to limit exposure to injury by ensuring campers wear helmets and enough functional padding. Safety is also an integral part of the training and camp environment of Evolve. Our staff teach extreme sports within specific limits in a step by step method. We employ a “challenge by choice” philosophy, which means we never force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable doing. Instead we offer the challenge, its there for the taking.

06. Do campers need lunch?

Yes all campers need to bring a lunch. For some programs we offer hot lunch programs.

07. Your videos and pictures look cool, but everyone looks so professional. Will my child be doing all those crazy tricks?

We obviously try and showcase our best “talent” in these videos. If they are beginners, your child probably isn’t at the level of some of the shots in our video/photos. Maybe some day, but for now they are more at a developmental level. They will still be in Camp videos and/or Photographs taken at camp.

08. My child doesn’t know anybody at the camp. Will they make new friends?

Many campers come to camp not knowing anybody. On the first day of camp our staff ensure that all campers get to know each other. The best part about the program is that they are with the same “cabin” for the entire season, so close bonds are formed quickly.

09. My child has never participated in an action sport before, should they attend camp?

Yes! Whether they’re a learned snowboarder transitioning to skateboarding, or new to action sports in general, we have a wide range of skills levels at all of our camps. We pride ourselves on taking beginner campers and teaching them the skills they need to love their sport of choice. Nothing is more exciting than having a beginner camper show up on a Monday as a complete rookie and leave on a Friday like a veteran.

10. Are Evolve Camps affordable?

We have priced Evolve Camps as an affordable day camp program. You will find that the price of our camps are about the average price of quality day camps and programs.

11. Do I get a discount if I have another sibling/child enrolled in the camp?

Families with multiple campers (who are siblings with the same parents and residence) will receive the following discounts: $25 off the 2nd registration (does not apply for March break), $25 off the 3rd registration.

12. What if I miss the bus during one of the pick up times?

Our buses need to be on time in order to maximize our time at camp. That being said, our buses leave at the exact time that is on the schedule. If you miss the bus, it is your responsibility to drive your child up to camp or to the next stop nearest to you.

13. Can my child stay behind at the end of the day and catch a ride home with me?

Yes, All you need to do is notify our office that your child will not be coming home on the bus. We will provide instructions on how to do this.

Still Have Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page.

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