Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

    What Our Parties Are All About

    Forget about mini-golf and face-painting… Evolve’s Skateboard/Scooter Birthday Parties are totally rad and unique. Our parties are perfect for kids who have never skated before as well as for kids who are already skaters and want to introduce the hobby to their buddies. We will have your kids moving, skating/riding, having fun, learning new tricks and making lasting memories.

    Evolve will work to customize the birthday party experience to you. Our programs can be modified to fit into your space, budget and party size. There are three main types of parties we run:

    1. at-home birthday parties
    2. outdoor skatepark birthday parties
    3. birthday parties at our indoor skatepark

    Listed prices are for a 2-hour party with a minimum of 12 kids; additional instructors are added for groups larger than 12.

    • What's included?
      What's included?

      Evolve brings everything you need to throw a totally awesome skateboard party, including ramps, skateboards/scooters, protective gear (helmets, elbow/knee pads, wrist guards, etc…), a tent for shade, and loot bags. Two instructors will be on-site to teach invitees and entertain them with cool tricks.

    • At-Home Birthday Parties
      At-Home Birthday Parties

      We’ll come to you! With industry leading mobile ramps, we are able to create a full skate park in front of your house where kids can have a blast learning how to skateboard, or even just having a great skateboarding session.

      Our at-home parties are great for smaller groups, especially if you live on a quiet street, court, or cul-de-sac. Keep in mind, we require a flat and hard surface as an ideal (and safe) skateboarding terrain. If your street does not have smooth concrete, don’t worry: a local basketball or tennis court will do the trick – and soon your kids will be doing the tricks too!

    • Skatepark Birthday Parties
      Skatepark Birthday Parties

      Hosting your Evolve Birthday Party at a local skatepark is an even more cost-effective way to bring all of the skateboarding and scootering birthday fun to you. Using local skateparks makes birthday parties easy to run, and if you live in a condo or your street is not conducive to a street party, this is a great way to make it happen!


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    • Indoor Skatepark Birthday Parties
      Indoor Skatepark Birthday Parties

      Conveniently located near the intersection of Oakwood and St. Clair in Toronto, the Evolve Camps Skatepark is the perfect space for our indoor skatepark and an ideal space to host your birthday falls during the cold/wet months. The floors are great for riding and the space is overflowing with ramps, rails, and features for you to shred.

      You’ll get exclusive use of our indoor skatepark with two awesome instructors to supervise, lead games, teach new skills, and entertain with cool tricks. On top of that, the space has a massive kitchen area where you can prepare & serve food for the party. Evolve supplies everything you need for the ultimate party – all you need to bring is the cake & decorations.

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    Birthday Parties
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    Ready for an Extreme Birthday?

    These parties are a great way to get outdoors and for many kids, a chance to experience a whole new kind of fun!

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