Balance Workshops

Balance Workshops

What is an Evolve Balance Workshop?

The Evolve Balance Workshop fuses together education inside and outside the classroom to shape students into leaders, role models and active citizens in their communities. Through skateboarding, various balance exercises and team-building activities, students come to understand the importance of balance and how it impacts various facets of their physical well-being. We also emphasize the metaphorical importance of balance and wellness in life through our workshops.

  • Balance Workshop Details
    Balance Workshop Details

    We explore four different modules to give students a new perspective on the concept of balance. Although this is not a skateboarding program, various types of boards — such as skateboards, snowboards, and other balancing tools — are used to teach the importance of balance: inside and out. These workshops can be tailored for large or small groups and are an ideal team-building opportunity.

  • Participants Will Receive
    Participants Will Receive
    • A completion certificate and stickers
    • Quality instruction from trained instructors
    • An age-appropriate perspective on achieving balance
    • Access to all required equipment and safety gear

    Note: A digital waiver for all participants must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Upon request, additional modules of the Evolve Balance curriculum can be provided for teachers to continue the program within their classroom.

  • How Do We Get Started
    How Do We Get Started

    Any outdoor space or gymnasium are ideal for an Evolve Balance Workshop in spring/summer.

    Note: Where weather is not ideal (eg; winter), we recommend an indoor space to allow for safe surface conditions.

Balance Workshops
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