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Who We Are

The art of outdoor play has evolved over the last few decades. Athletic skill used to be measured inside the field, on the diamond and even in our own backyards. Today’s youth crave more from the activities they choose to spend their time doing – they need them to be epic, adventurous, thrilling, and different, just like them. That’s what Evolve is all about. Action/adrenaline sports look beyond the borders of traditional sports, offering not just an opportunity to sweat, but a chance to join a movement, ignite a spark and transform from the inside out.

  • Why Action Sports?
    Why Action Sports?

    You only have one life: live it. It’s not just about stomping your first trick, dropping in for the first time or feeling the adrenaline rush through you as you crush one of your fears. These are real skills. Real sports. Epic thrills. Challenge yourself and let our professional coaches guide you on the journey you’ve been waiting for.

  • Safety

    Evolve training programs are rigorous. While our goal is to provide excitement and memorable experiences around every corner, safety is always our number one priority. We adhere to strict certification processes and industry standards. We strictly enforce mandatory safety equipment and proper supervision at all times, whether your kids are carving a bowl at a local skate park or racing down a snow-capped mountain.

  • We Start with the Fundamentals
    We Start with the Fundamentals

    Action sport programs that your kids will be truly stoked about. Skateboarding, scootering, skiing, snowboarding, bmx biking and so much more. We provide fuel for the adventurous spirit – our programs may start as hobbies, but they evolve into passions. The opportunity to try something different – let your child choose the right fit for their interests and skills. Skills development under the care of qualified, dedicated instructors and mentors. An emphasis on focus and fun. A commitment to health and physical fitness in all that we do. Confidence building and empowerment – a place for every kind of kid to thrive.

  • Evolve Offers Social Learning
    Evolve Offers Social Learning

    Action sports offer the potential for developing different skills and learning opportunities than the sports typically used in other traditional sports. Most action sports are non-competitive, thus offering opportunities for children and youth to gain a sense of achievement without having to compete against, and beat, another team or player. Rather, campers can learn alongside one another and gain a sense of accomplishment based on their own skill development.

  • Get Outside
    Get Outside

    Nothing beats being outside in the summer. Even better, being outside doing what you love; skateboarding, scootering, water skiing, wakeboarding, riding a bmx bike and skiing and snowboarding.

    Most of our activities take place outdoors, so part of our focus on safety is ensuring that kids are protected from the sun with proper clothing and sun protection, and our summer programs are equipped with sunscreen stations. It’s important to protect our campers skin from melanoma and skin damage from too much sun exposure. Aside from sunblock we encourage parents to send their kids to camp with a hat, sunglasses.

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