What Evolve Offers

What Evolve Offers

A better way to play.

We started Evolve Camps because we live and breathe skateboarding, snowboarding, and action sports. To us they are a tool that can positively transform lives. We use action sports as a way to engage with young people, keep them active, and teach them important life skills, while having so much fun. Evolve Camps includes Summer Skateboard, Scooter, and Biking Camps, as well as Evolve Snow Camps a winter weekend ski and snowboard program.

Evolve offers three camp structures at various locations in Canada:

Offered in the GTA, Calgary and Vancouver. Campers are picked up by a School Bus at a central location and visit different skateparks, and other exciting stops throughout the summer for an unforgettable skate & scoot experience. Transportation included.

EVOLVE  DROP-OFF CAMPS: Campers are dropped off at specific skateparks across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. With the specific skatepark acting as a home base for the summer camp.

EVOLVE SNOW CAMPS: Offered on Saturdays and Sundays each winter. Campers are picked up at central locations in the GTA for all day ski and snowboard lessons at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.
Transportation and lift tickets included.

  • Evolve Camps offer full supervision and coaching in a fun and positive environment.
  • Build Self-Esteem
    Build Self-Esteem

    Learning a new skill like snowboarding or skateboarding can be a transformative experience. Mastering a trick involves confronting fears, problem solving, and peer support. Our coaches guide campers and help them develop these skills and build confidence they will carry through their lives at home and school.

  • Healthy Active Living
    Healthy Active Living

    Evolve Camps are the best way to spend an afternoon outside off the couch and away from the screen. Campers stay fit and active, and coaches guide fun warm-ups that include stretching, yoga, and mindfulness to prepare for a day of high-energy fun. Our camp philosophy supports healthy living through encouraging habits like healthy snacking, positive self-dialogue, and cooperation.


  • Safety

    Safety comes first at Evolve Camps. Our coaches go through a rigorous training program, and we adhere to strict certification processes and industry standards. We strictly enforce mandatory safety equipment and proper supervision at all times.

  • Progressive Learning
    Progressive Learning

    Evolve Camps offers young people an opportunity to explore, try new things, and develop passions in a fun environment. First-timers will learn the fundamentals of their sport with coaches gauging their progress to support their growth. Advanced programs including our freestyle camps offer young athletes high-performance instruction.

  • Build Lasting Friendships
    Build Lasting Friendships

    Action Sports offer campers a way to develop in a positive social setting. Our coaches create a space for campers to laugh, learn, and grow together.

    Campers gain the satisfaction of lifting each other up when they fall and cheering on their buddies when they pull off a sweet new trick.

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