Benefits of Skateboarding

April 21, 2015

Our favourite pass-time is not just a hobby, its a sport.

Being a skateboarder, you know that you put your body through hard work each day at the skatepark. You shouldn’t have to prove this to anyone. Sometimes though, you find yourself defending skateboarding for the SPORT that it is. If you come across this situation, we’re here to help you argue. Here’s some benefits of skateboarding and what this great sport has to offer:



  • Balance


Yup. That’s a given. If you want a solid foundation in skateboarding, the first thing to work on is your balance.



  • Flexibility


Skateboarding requires you to use your WHOLE body. The coolest tricks involve the craziest twists and some extreme reach.


  • Overall Cardio and Endurance


Hours and Hours… and Hours…. spent at the skateboard park does not equal out to hours spent on your couch watching television. You can definately not argue that skateboarding gets you outside, active, and appreciating the outdoors.


  • Learning How to Fall, and how to handle the pain


Falling is a DAILY hiccup in a skateboarder’s life. And guess what? It makes us stronger. Not only is learning how to fall an important safety skill, but it also makes us tougher. Knowing how to deal with physical pain can help us get through just about anything.



  • Patience and Perseverance


Do you know what it is like to try a trick for your first time and not make it?Sure.

Twice? Of Course.

Three Times? Yup that’s the usual.

Well that’s what make skateboarding and important skill to learn.You learn not to give up after 3, 4, 5 times of not succeeding. You learn that skill and confidence comes with time and patience, and importantly perseverance.




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