Scooter News Resources

Scooter News Resources

April 22, 2015

Okay, so what are the best sites to check out to get up-to-date, interesting, and relevant freestyle scooter content? We tell you here!

1. Scoot Mag


About: The Scoot Mag link is the official website for the Scoot Mag Magazine which is iconic in the scootering community. This website is a great place to go for the latest news trending in the Freestyle Scooter world. This website also features a handy locating tool, aiding users to find stockists near them, as well as an online shop for Scoot Mag Merchandise.


2. Scooter Resource


About: The Scooter Resource is one of the leading online resources for  Freestyle Scooter News.

This website is informative, collaborative, and is consistently updating its content.

The site contains video segments, industry news, exclusive Scooter Resource posts, Information on Upcoming Events and Competitions, and is home to what we deem the best online forum for freestyle scooter riders to congregate and discuss.



3. Impact Scooter News


About: Impact Scooters is a great go-to page for all Scooter News. Its aesthetically pleasing layout make it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.




4. Inside Scooters


About: This blogspot has a simple layout with updates rolling in every couple of days. It is extremely up-to-date and tracks news from all over.


5. My Scoot Page


About: Great Modern Layout with Videos, Product Reviews, News, Spot Checks, and Event Information. Also, this is one of the best mobile sites for the scoot community.



6.Fidelity Magazine


About: One of the Top Spots to look for Freestyle Scooter Content! Highly recommended that you check out this site!



7. Scoot AM



This site is dedicated to promoting the amateur scooter riders. In this tight-knit industry, it is hard to get coverage if you are not a pro rider, and Scoot AM aims to reverse this. Scoot AM features unsponsored news, aiming to give limelight to those unsigned riders who’ve got talent to impress.





…And for news a little closer to home…

  1. Scooters Canada


About: A great Canadian resource for the latest gear. An online retail store with one of the broadest variety of products available to riders in Canada.



      2.   QC Scooters



This lucky find is boasted as Canada’s #1 Source for Scooter Products. The site has a ton of coverage on local events and news as well as a broad range of product offerings.




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