Healthy Culture In Action Sports: Eat, Sleep Hydrate

Healthy Culture In Action Sports: Eat, Sleep Hydrate

June 1, 2017

Healthy Culture In Action Sports

Evolve Camps has always promoted healthy living. Working with kids and being involved in action sports leaves us no choice but to promote a healthy living culture. Yes, we do offer a hot dog lunch once a week and pizza as well, but nobody said we have to deprive ourselves completely from everything.

Being healthy at camp doesn’t just mean what you eat. It is an overall package and we are here to let you know how we do it.

1. Drink lots of water

Obvious, we know, but staying hydrated is key to feeling fit and fine; ready to take on any type of weather condition. Our days at camp are hot, humid and long. It can be easy to forget to drink so that is why our instructors and coaches at evolve camps are always reminding kids. Each of our camps is equipped with two large gatorade coolers. Hydration is a must.

Evolve Camps Eat Healthy

Evolve Camps – Be Healthy

2. Sleep, sleep and a little more sleep

This is probably the hardest instruction to follow. We get it… its summer and there’s no school the next day but it is so key to get a good night sleep. No sleep means you will get tired very easily at camp and not be able to proper receive the instruction from our coaches. We have no time for a siesta so please be sure to go to bed early.  

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Sleep well before and during skateboarding or scooter camp

3. Lunch and Snacks

Summer is the time of the year when we let loose and enjoy the long days spent skateboarding or scootering, and everything else that happens in between. What you should not let loose on is the food your kids eat at camp. Prepare meals the night or day before and packs high energy foods for your kids. Things such as fruits, vegetables, healthy non-processed sugared snacks, water (instead of juice), homemade snacks, and if you can, go organic! Our favorite snacks are anything with chia! Check our some of our favorite summer time smoothie recipes HERE

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