Street Art In Valparaíso

Street Art In Valparaíso

October 13, 2016

Street Art In Valparaíso

Two hours from Santiago, the capitol of Chile lies Valparaíso.  This laid-back harbour city in the southern hemisphere contains colourful buildings and loads of street art spread along the coast of Chile. It’s the place to be if you want to experience as much Chilean culture as possible, with festivals every year, and a number of Chilean street artists, writers and musicians. They made the city their home due to its charming location and bohemian values. Many view the city as the Latin version of Berlin.

What gives Valparaíso it’s charm? A large reason is because of the art you’ll find by on the walls. Hardly any wall is left untouched. Art you’d find on the streets in Valparaíso often represent a historical theme, political topic or world issues. It’s one of the top places to see graffiti, street art and tagging.

Types of Street Art

Together they are all referred to as street art, the difference between the three types of street art you’ll see is quite obvious once you spot it out. Street art (also a term on its own) is the most high quality pieces of work. Artists want people who pass by to be engaged by their work. The art has a lot of detail and often has a story to tell in its message.

Graffiti artists are not interested so much so in getting the public to understand their work even though they create their work for the public to see. Their work is meant to communicate to and with other graffiti artists. It looks like huge stylized letters that can be done by painting, drawing or writing on the surface. Tagging is similar to graffiti art but it is a lot more simplified. It looks like scribbling or a signature created using spray paint.

The kind of street art you'd find in Valparaíso

Street art in Valparaíso

Grafitti style font

Grafitti art

Tagging art is a bit messier than grafitti

Tagging is a bit more of a messy look

In other cities you’ll find that a lot of street art is made over the works of other street artists to make their work more known. In Valparaíso, no work of an artist is painted over the works of another artists, it’s the unwritten rule. That is a large reason as to why the street art is so appeals to people passing by, because of its ‘clean look’ all around town.

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