Evolve Camps @ Camp Timberlane

Evolve Camps @ Camp Timberlane

April 22, 2016

Evolve Camps at Camp Timberlane

Evolve Camps at Camp Timberlane have formed a partnership for summer 2016, to deliver the premier action sports week for kids who love to skateboard, scooter and BMX.

The strategic partnership utilizes each camps strengths, providing campers at Evolve and Timberlane  an unbeatable customer experience and access to a world-class camp with a top notch skatepark and brand new BMX track.

With this partnership, the camps will offer an unrivalled  sleep over camp experience along with action sports and other fun camp activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing and more.

So, what does this mean for Evolve Campers?

Evolve campers will get to spend a week up at Camp Timberlane, with their own private cabin and access to all the extra activities Timberlane has to offer. The days will still look the same. We will wakeboard, scooter and BMX all day long. Each day campers will be with and Evolve instructor practicing and perfecting tricks.

Throughout different times of the day campers will also get to experience other activities on the water and on the land. Do not worry, the focus is still action. A little wakeboarding, wake skating or water skiing will just make the day that much better.

Park Set Up and Details

  • 4 foot half pipe, 3 and 6 foot quarter pipe, 5 Set, Euro Gab, 8 Foot Long Box, A frame, Incline Rail
  • A new feature will also be added in the next two moths
  • The BMX park is being designed in the next month

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