Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

April 21, 2016

Located near Lakeshore Boulevard East and Coxwell Ave, Ashbridges Bay Skatepark is the largest concrete skate plaza in Ontario. It’s in great shape, and the park’s smooth concrete is like heaven under the wheels.

Skaters in southern Toronto should take advantage of this park. If you’re looking to learn, Evolve Camps runs spring skateboarding lessons at Ashbridges that are available in May and June 2016. For more information about those lessons, click here.

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The park has plenty of great features to skate. The smooth concrete makes it super easy to gain speed. If you want to do some sets, you can find them here. There’s a few different staircases that each have a handrail for grinding. Ashbridges has plenty of manual pads, curbs, and ledges to shred. If you’re stuck trying to get that one trick down, you can definitely have a solid session here to practice.

Some other notable features include different sized and shaped banks, wall-ride transfers and a kidney shaped bowls. The open concept of Ashbridges allows skaters to string together tons of different lines. It’s a blast.

In fact, some consider Ashbridges Skatepark to be a destination park. A New Yorker posted a Yelp review of the park and had to following to say:

“Ashbridges Bay public skate park is by the far the best place i’ve ever skated.  It’s the most expansive public park I’ve come across […] This IS a destination skatepark, take care of it.”

Well, there you have it. Toronto skaters, we should be happy that we have this gem in our own backyard! Get out and skate!

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