Skateboarding Lessons for Spring 2016

Skateboarding Lessons for Spring 2016

April 18, 2016

Learning a new sport can be tough, especially skateboarding. When starting out, the best way to improve is to practice in a safe, controlled environment. Evolve Camps offers skateboarding lessons that teach the fundamentals of the sport before progressing onto other, more advanced skills. But, more importantly, it’s a ton of fun!

For Spring 2016, Evolve Camps has lessons running at several skateparks across the GTA. These lessons include 4 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays in either May or June.

May Lessons:

Markham skatepark


If you live in Toronto south, our skateboarding lessons at Ashbridges Bay Skatepark would be the most convenient for you. Ashbridges Bay is the largest concrete skatepark in Ontario. There’s rails, stairs, gaps, ledges… pretty much everything you need to learn.

For those near Stoufille, we have lessons taking place at Memorial Skatepark, a great spot that features an awesome bowl and tons of street features.

If you live in Mississauga, we’re offering lessons at Iceland Skatepark. Iceland is part of a larger sports complex, and has plenty of fun features to shred.


Skaters in North Toronto can join our lessons at Lawrence Park Skatepark. This park features an awesome mini-halfpipe as well as rails, ledges, and quarter pipes.

For Markham, we have skateboarding lessons running at Markham Skatepark. This is a nice spot with a great spine/half-bowl area. Good for beginners.

If you’re in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, our lessons at the Father David Bauer Skatepark would be best for you. This is arguably the best park you can find around Waterloo.

June Lessons:

Markham skatepark


If you live in North Toronto, and you’d rather take your lessons in June, we have a second session running at Lawrence Park Skatepark.

Stoufille skaters can catch lessons Memorial Skatepark, and our Waterloo lessons will once again be running at Father David Bauer.


The second session of skateboarding lessons for the Toronto South area will again take place at Ashbridges Bay Skatepark.

If you’re near Mississauga we have lessons running in June at Iceland Skatepark once again.

For those in Markham, June lessons will be taking place at Markham Skatepark.


For more information about Evolve Camps’ skateboard lessons, click here.

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