Snow Quotes – For the Ultimate Skiiers and Snowboarders

June 24, 2015

For the ultimate skiiers and riders check out these rad snow quotes:

“You Can Literally Program Snowboard Excellence Into Your Body”

“Sometimes it’s not how good you are, but how bad you want it”

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“Life’s a mountain, not a beach,”

“The more you are falling, the more you are learning”
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“Powder to the People”

“Once you take your first ride up a lift, your life will be changed forever” – Warren Miller


“I know a lot of people that used to ski, but I don’t know anyone that used to snowboard”

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“Some people attach snowboards to their feet, very few attach them to their souls” -Shaun White


“The pain won’t last forever, but the memories will”

“Skiing is like a dance, and the mountain always lead”


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