What Skiiers do in the Summer Months: Off Season Ski Tips

June 23, 2015

While everyone else is rejoicing about the summer solstice and the long months of sun ahead of us, are you left a little bit out of the loop?


All you can think about is skiing, snow, powder, and the snowpark…. and what are you supposed to do about all that now that summer is in the air?


Don’t worry, we got your back. Keep the skiier in you alive this summer by following these 5 off season ski tips


1. Do your Work Outs

Follow an off-season workout plan specified for skiing. Liftopia has some great plans, check out this one:


Liftopia. Ski. Workout. Off Season. Training. Tips. Evolve. Snow. Camps


2. Do your Research

Call this your ski shopping season. Buying skis is not just about the purchase, it is also about the hours of research that go into the skis that you decide to get. Use the summer months to scope out the latest trending gear, and to figure out how to get best bang for your buck. Buying a pair of skis is an investment, and you want to make the right one.

Make sure to ask these key questions to get yourself started:

-How will a different length of ski affect my performance? What length do I want?

-Where will I be doing most of my skiing next season? How will this affect which type of skis I should be buying?

-How much do I weigh in accordance to my height? Above, average, or below? Will this factor in to which length of skis I should be buying?

-Do I like to make quick sharp turns, or do I like to bomb the hill?

-Am I looking into twin tips or directional?

-What is my ability level? What do I aim to accomplish by the end of the season?

-Do I ride mainly on-trail or off?

3. Explore the Terrain

Hey, just because it is summer does not mean you can’t go exploring the same mountain that you would on your skis. Grab your mountain bike and cruise the same slopes that you would in the colder months.


Even hiking will do it. but watch out for those Mountain bikers that may be zipping by you.

Mountain Biking. Evolve. Summer Tips. Skiers. Mountain. Hill. Explore


4. Use your skills to master a summer sport

If you can do it on snow, then you can do it on water. Give Water skiing a try next time you’re at a cottage getaway this summer.

Read this great article about transferable skills between balance sports: http://www.skinewgen.com/waterskiing-vs-skiing/

WaterSkiing. Evolve. Summer. Ski. Tips. OffSeason.png

Don’t have access to waterskis? What about giving in-line rollerblading a try?

Believe it or not even a summer boardsport like skateboarding or surfing will help you improve your balance and work on your ski stability. Your feet may be positioned differently, but the essential balance skills are rooted from the same techniques.


5. Get your quals

What’s the ultimate way to combine passion and work? Working on a ski hill of course!


Whether you take on the role of a ski patrol, a paramedic, a mountain guide, or a ski instructor – all these positions allow you to get paid while practising your ultimate love for skiing.

First Aid. Evolve. Courses. Qualifications.

Now is a great time to get a head start. Enrol yourself in a First Aid Class to get yourself started. Look into obtaining your outdoor adventure qualifications in summer months and use that to your advantage when applying for a winter position. Spend this time to research, enroll, and teach yourself the necessary knowledge required to get ahead.


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