Skateboarding and the Toronto Budget

Skateboarding and the Toronto Budget

April 17, 2015

BIG news Toronto!

The City of Toronto now have part of the budget committed towards skateboarding!! Whaaat?!? That’s right, the Toronto Skateboarding Committee has been directed to develop skateparks in the area.


More specifically, the Toronto Skateboarding Committee is to be working alongside the City in the development of the Recreational Facilities Plan. Their involvement in this city planning project will give the skateboarding community a stronger voice in Toronto and the GTA. The Toronto Skateboarding Committee will have tremendous influence on which urban planning projects are to be taken up in terms of the skatepark construction and maintenance. This opens a window of hope for updates to be made to the current skateparks of Toronto. This news also opens the possibility for new skateparks to be built  and new programs to be launched.


TorontoBudget.TorontoSkateboardingCommitee.Evolve.Skateboarding.Camp. Toronto.Skateboard.png

The Toronto Skateboarding Committee placed this screenshot on their facebook wall, explaining the implications of this news in terms of the Toronto Budget:



You can view the full budget here:






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