What it Takes to Become an Evolve Coach?

October 17, 2014

The sports of skiing and snowboarding are really near and dear to us here at the Evolve Snow Camps headquarters. We live and breathe the mountains, but what really makes Evolve Snow Camps such a great place to be is the awesome coaches we have working and hanging out with us.


A lot of campers tell us that they would one day like to be coaches at Evolve Snow Camps and ask what it would take, so for all of you out there, here’s some insider advice… listen up!
First and foremost you need to have skiing and snowboard instruction certification, in Ontario for snowboarders this through CASI-ACMS they offer a graduated level system for instructors as well as offering park certification for freestyle snowboard coaching. All of our snowboard instructors are CASI-ACMS certified and all of our freestyle coaches are park certified.

CSIA is where you should head to get certified if skiing is your game, unless you are interested in teaching freestyle skiing in which case you would need to be certified by FSO.

Now that we have covered the nitty gritty of what is needed to become an Evolve Snow Camps coach, there are some equally important elements that come in to play.

Something that is really important to us an ability to make training and lessons fun. Skiing and snowboarding are awesome, but in learning anything there are challenges and roadblocks, if your coach is fun and energetic and not afraid to act a little goofy from time to time, it can make the experience a lot easier and more memorable.

And finally we are looking for coaches who can share in the positive, healthy, “Catch Fun” vibe that we are all about at Evolve Snow Camps. So if you are looking to get out and share your love of skiing or snowboarding this season give us a shout!

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