Tax credit for children’s fitness in Canada to be doubled

Tax credit for children’s fitness in Canada to be doubled

October 11, 2014

Hey parents! How’s it going? good thanks!
Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know some good news that has just filtered through the Evolve Snow Camps headquarters.


You may or may not know that in Canada there is a children’s fitness tax credit which applies to extra-curricular sports and recreational activities, such as Soccer, Hockey, and of course skiing and snowboarding!

Parents with children in fitness activities will be able to reduce taxes payable by up to $150 per child annually

And, beginning with the 2015 tax year, this tax credit will for the first time be made refundable, which would address the situation where low-income families do not benefit from the tax credit if they owe little or no taxes. As of 2015, such families who qualify for the CFTC could receive up to $150 per child as a tax refund.

The improved tax break  comes  from a doubling to $1,000 of the maximum amount of expenses that can be claimed.

With winter right around the corner we can think of no better way to take advantage of this credit than with ski and snowboard lessons with Evolve Snow Camps, campers from all experience levels can learn the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding, as well as freestyle with our expert coaches.

More on the tax credit HERE

Catch fun.

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