Snow Safety Tip of the Week!

Snow Safety Tip of the Week!

October 10, 2014

Hey everybody! It’s Friday! That means the weekend is here and we are another day closer to Ski and Snowboard season at Evolve Snow Camps, it also means here on the Evolve Snow Camps Blog it is Snow Safety Tip Friday! Now today’s safety tip may seem obvious but that is only because it is so important… Wear a helmet.
So often we encounter skiers and snowboarders on the slopes riding without helmets, if you consider other sports or activities that routinely use helmets, such as hockey, football, cycling, or even construction work it would only make sense that one should exercise such precautions when skiing or snowboarding. This holds especially true for skiers and snowboarders practicing freestyle in the Junkyard or Outback Terrain parks. In fact here at Evolve Snow Camps safety is our number one priority so the use of a helmet is 100% mandatory! our Coaches can recommend and fit campers for helmets but in case you were looking for the best helmets of 2014 you can see a list of recommended helmets HERE.

Ski and Snowboard season is coming soon everyone, stay safe and stay HEALTHY!

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