Evolve’s Skateboarding and Scootering Programs Extend to New Locations

Evolve’s Skateboarding and Scootering Programs Extend to New Locations

February 1, 2024

Calling all skateboarders and scootering enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to announce that our renowned programs are now available in four exciting new locations: Ottawa, Delta, Menlo Park, and Allen. Whether you’re a beginner eager to kick off your journey or an advanced rider seeking new challenges, Evolve’s programs are tailored for all skill levels.

Safety First

We strictly follow safety protocols and industry standards to uphold a secure and enjoyable learning environment. From the moment campers arrive to their departure, they are under constant supervision, overseen by staff who have undergone rigorous training. The use of safety equipment is mandatory for all campers, regardless of age or skill level.

Challenge By Choice: Personalized Learning

Embracing our ‘Challenge By Choice’ philosophy, our programs are designed to cater to individual skill levels. Whether you’re stepping onto a skateboard for the first time or looking to perfect advanced maneuvers, our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you through a personalized learning journey.

Skill Levels

At Evolve Camps, our meticulously crafted lesson plans guarantee that participants, regardless of their proficiency, maximize their experience at our summer camp. The highly organized format at Evolve enables participants to progress through various mastery levels as their skills improve—whether that’s over the week, the summer, or multiple summers at Evolve Skate Camp.

Explore our diverse programs designed for all ages and skill levels HERE.

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