Shop Spotlight: Harvester Bikes Learn about Evolve’s Favourite Bike GTA Shop!

Shop Spotlight: Harvester Bikes Learn about Evolve’s Favourite Bike GTA Shop!

May 10, 2023

For any action sports athlete, especially those just starting out, good-quality equipment is vital in making sure that you’re getting the most out of your time at the park. This is especially true with BMX, which arguably has the most intricate gear of all the action sports that don’t require a motor.

As any BMXer will likely tell you, though, getting the parts you need at the price you want can be challenging, doubly so for those living in Canada.

That’s why it’s vital that rider-owned, proudly Canadian shops exist to help grow the sport and bring new participants into it, and at Evolve we could not be happier to place a spotlight on our longtime friends and our official preferred BMX shop for our campers in the GTA: Harvester Bikes.

By Canadian Riders, For Canadian Riders

Since its establishment in 2002, Harvester Bikes has been dedicated to meeting the needs of BMX enthusiasts by providing fairly priced mail-order services, breaking free from the overpricing often encountered north of the border.

With a lifelong commitment to BMX, Harvester Bikes recognized the demand for affordable yet high-quality products. As a rider-owned and operated company, their focus remains on ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering upfront pricing without any deceptive practices. Harvester Bikes aims to support riders, particularly those in rural areas with limited access to bike shops.

By bringing renowned brands like Tree Bicycle Co. to Canada in 2003, they bridged the gap and provided essential products to those who needed them the most. This contribution was recognized and featured in publications such as Dig Magazine, highlighting their dedication to the BMX community.

Local Innovators

Not content with just being a supplier, Harvester Bikes also takes pride in their own product development, always striving to give back and stay at the forefront of the industry. Their product line boasts groundbreaking advancements like titanium pegs and titanium primo spindles, crucial technologies offered at a fraction of the prices charged by competitors.

This remarkable value extends beyond the products themselves, as Harvester Bikes takes part in sponsoring various Canadian events, including the Ugly Ass Bikes Jams in Montreal. Their ongoing commitment to BMX riders and the BMX community remains unwavering.

The Preferred Bike Shop of Evolve Camps

Over the years we have worked with many shops and brands across multiple action sports. In that time, we have had the benefit of getting to know who to trust when recommending where to get new gear.

For BMXers in the GTA, the choice is a clear one. Not only does Harvester have a 21-year track record of providing high-quality goods for BMXers across the GTA, but they even offer a wide range of scooter goods, all available with the same friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you get rolling.

Further, with free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $400, they’re the local bike shop not just for Toronto BMXers, but for anyone who doesn’t have a local bike shop to call their own!

For all these reasons, when it comes to BMX, we at Evolve have no problem proclaiming that Harvester is the best bike shop in the GTA, and the preferred bike shop for our camps.

Gear Up and Get Rolling with Evolve!

Planning a visit to Harvester to get your next ride? Make sure you know how to put those wheels to good use and sign up for a session with Evolve Camps!

Evolve offers programs that give kids the opportunity to hone their skills at skateparks across the GTA, Calgary, and Vancouver in a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere.

Spring sessions are already underway, and spaces are limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot, because the best gear deserves a chance to experience the best parks in Canada.

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