Evolve Snow Camps COVID-19 Policies

Evolve Snow Camps COVID-19 Policies

October 2, 2020

Evolve Snow Camps COVID-19 Policies

(Updated: 30 September 2020)

Masked Evolve Skier


  • Campers to wait in the car until the bus arrives at their stop
  • Participants should not be in close contact or mingling with other skiers/riders on the hill or in chalet who are not part of the Evolve Camp
  • Protocols are in place to notify the parents/guardians if the camp participant begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while in camp, including the need for immediate pick-up and an area to isolate the camp participant until pick-up
  • Parent/Guardian should be available during the day (Evolve requires at least two emergency contact numbers per camper)
  • Staff to be trained on all COVID procedures with written instructions as backup
  • Label all backpacks, lunch bags and equipment


  • Waiver signed by parents stating that participant has no symptoms, or been in contact with someone with symptoms (A Google Form needs to be completed prior to every weekend)
  • Instructors to sign above waiver, and complete Google Form prior to every day of camp


  • Bus to be sanitized (by driver) in the morning before starting the pickups (arm rests, grab handles, seat reclining levers, seat belts, toilet area)
  • Campers to stow their own skis or boards under the bus
  • Bus monitor/Driver to provide hand sanitizer on embarking
  • Mask to be worn by all campers (and bus monitor) while on the bus
  • Toilet on bus not available, except for emergencies
  • No sharing of headphones, tablets, phones, food or drink
  • Bus monitor/Driver to provide hand sanitizer when disembarking
  • Campers to retrieve own skis or board from under the bus
  • Bus to be sanitized (by driver) during the day, before campers return
  • Same process on the return journey
  • Bus sanitized at end of day


(Cotton, microfiber or fleece neck gaiter, balaclava, non-surgical face covering, and medical masks are ALL okay. Ski masks with opening/vents for mouth and/or nose are NOT acceptable.)

  • Bus monitor to wear mask when checking campers onto the bus, and for the entire journey
  • All campers on bus wear mask for entire journey
  • Instructors to wear face coverings when addressing the group as a whole, and when working closely with participants
  • Participants to bring their own masks
  • Participants keep 6 foot distance when gathered in group
  • Masks recommended when group is gathered together for instructions
  • Mask mandatory when waiting in lift line and when riding chairlifts
  • Masks not required when skiing/riding
  • Masks required when entering the chalet for lunch, or when using washrooms
  • Suggested to bring an extra (dry) mask for the drive home or if one goes missing on the hill

Equipment / Personal Belongings

  • Personal belongings (backpacks, lunch bags) brought to camp will be kept in a designated area, and should not be handled by the instructors or by any other participant
  • Camp participants should bring all their own equipment (sunblock, hand warmers, etc.), and this should not be shared with others
  • No shared equipment
  • No sharing of water bottles, snacks or lunch

Lunch & Snacks

  • Lunch will be staggered throughout the day to reduce crowding in the chalet
  • Each group will be allocated a time and area for lunch
  • Groups should stick together during lunch, and not mix with other groups or non-Evolve skiers/riders
  • Instructor to provide hand sanitizer before and after lunch
  • Time for lunch will be reduced – to get all groups through quicker
  • Recommend to have an extra snack in ski jacket pocket for during the day – campers will not be able to go into the chalet as often as before – depending on capacity of the chalet and lunch schedule
  • Recommend to leave a snack and juice box/water on seat in the bus – for the drive home
  • Please keep lunch and snacks ‘nut free’

** Evolve’s COVID Policies are under constant review and will be updated and amended fluidly until the end of the Snow Camp season, based on updates and regulations from the provincial government, and on the policies of our partners and suppliers.

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