Vans releases trailer for “Listen to the Eyes”

Vans releases trailer for “Listen to the Eyes”

November 7, 2018

Vans “Listen to the Eyes” Full Movie – Mary Rand, Leanne Pelosi, and Hana Beaman

Earlier this week was the official world premiere for “Listen to the Eyes” – the first women’s snowboarding movie released by Vans. They enlisted the help of legendary snowboard filmmaker Jake Price for this project that took place in the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. The movie features riders from Vans global and Canadian snow teams Hana Beaman, Mary Rand, and Leanne Pelosi.


listen to the eyes

Photo: Red Gerard

Director Jake Price was actively searching to showcase the essence of the Vans women’s snow team and he wanted to illustrate their creative expression both on and off the snow. The entire movie was shot on Kodak 16mm film, and the original soundtrack was scored by Vans Europe surf team rider Lee Ann Curren – two elements that were key in achieving their stylistic goals for the film. This movie does a wonderful job of showcasing Hana, Mary, and Leanne’s backcountry prowess in a uniquely artistic manner.


listen to the eyes

Photo: Owen Ringwall

Vans hosted the world premiere for the movie at the House of Machines in Downtown L.A. Along with the screening, there was an art installation from legendary snowboard artist, Schoph, a Dillon Ojo tribute photography show, and performances by Lee Ann Curren and LA Witch. Although those in attendance got the pleasure of viewing the entire film, the rest of us are limited a fantastic 15-minute trailer. We will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for the release of the full length movie so that we can let you know when it has arrived.


listen to the eyes

Photo: Evolve Camps

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