Evolve’s Skateboard & Scooter Camp is back in Waterloo for another awesome summer!

Evolve’s Skateboard & Scooter Camp is back in Waterloo for another awesome summer!

March 8, 2018

Waterloo Skateboard & Scooter Camp


waterloo skateboard scooter camp

Summer 2018 is right around the corner and we are so thrilled to be back in Waterloo! We have more weeks than ever before and we can’t wait to stoke out the kids that skate/ride in the K-W area.

We have had some many awesome weeks of Waterloo Skateboard & Scooter Camp is years past and we know that this summer will not disappoint. The Waterloo Skatepark at the WMRC is a great venue for our camps, and the City provides us with everything else needed for a great week of camp – like their huge splash pad, an indoor location for rainy day activities, and more!

waterloo skateboard scooter camp

The Camp

Evolve’s Waterloo Skateboard & Scooter Camp is a drop-off only day camp operating out of Waterloo Skatepark (keep scrolling for more information about Waterloo Skatepark). Campers are dropped off each morning at the park to receive personalized instruction and work side-by-side with our qualified coaches on their skateboarding & scootering skills!

For more information about our Waterloo camps, please click the following links:

The Dates

  • Waterloo Session 1: July 02 2018 to July 06 2018
  • Waterloo Session 2: August 13 2018 to August 17 2018
  • Waterloo Session 3: August 20 2018 to August 24 2018

The Skatepark



The Waterloo Skatepark consists of 10,000 square feet of hybrid skatepark and urban plaza elements that encircle the center ‘volcano’ ramp/planter feature which contains a large autumn blaze maple tree.

The intent of the design was to create a space for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders to interact and enjoy progressively more challenging terrain including two level, four level, six level and seven level stair sets – each complimented with handrails, hubba ledges, ‘cheat ramps’ and manual pads. The east side of the park has a set of oversized stairs/ledges that serve as informal bleachers for spectating while the north and west sides of the park are
encircled with flatbank ramps that allow skaters/riders to flow around obstacles and through the park.

The park is located at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, at 101 Father David Bauer Drive (click to view on Google Maps).


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