Top 5 Scooter Videos of All Time

Top 5 Scooter Videos of All Time

October 13, 2017

Top 5 Scooter Videos of All Time by Evolve Camps Staff

Evolve’s Top 5 Scooter Videos has been compiled for you to get the chance to see what our scooter staff are all about. Many of our Scooter Coaches are very talented riders and make some awesome content. Evolve Camps create and support some of the most talented scooter riders in Canada. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Scooter Videos of All Time by Evolve Staff.


#1) Justin Robertson

Justin is one of our top scooter coaches & an Evolve Camps Manager; and his videos show you why! As the first ever Canadian to be signed as a pro for MaddGear Scooters, he has been a huge name in the Canadian scooter scene since it originated.

We were lucky to get to move Justin around the country this past summer and have him coaching at camps in Waterloo ON, Toronto ON, Richmond BC, and our awesome Overnight Camp in Haliburton ON.

Enjoy this web edit that he put together with scooter videos from Summer 2014, and trust that not much has changed since.


#2) Jacob Pearcey

Jacob is a wizard when it comes to combining ultra-technical riding with the raw, edgy style of street riding. He makes it all his tricks look so effortless that you don’t even realize what he is actually pulling off until you watch it over again.

Jacob was an Evolve Camps Manager that was a huge asset to the multiple programs that he worked this summer in cities like Markham ON, Whitby ON, Mississauga ON, and our Overnight Camp in Haliburton ON.

Along with Justin, he is another huge name in Canadian scootering on the Evolve team. Jacob is the Team Manager from Scooters Canada, but that doesn’t stop him from getting his own scooter videos. Enjoy this web edit that Jacob did for SC in 2016.


#3) Cameron Crook

Just like Jacob, Cameron lives to take his difficult and technical tricks to the streets of the Greater Toronto Area. He is fearless and loves to “just send it” on whatever he chooses, and it usually works out for the best.

Although he has worked for Evolve before, Cameron was a late addition to the team for 2017 as we lost some scooter staff to injury. He was happy to fill the spot for us and he brought some fantastic coaching expertise to the Toronto ON camps where we worked.

Cameron & Jacob have great shared scooter videos made by SC, but for this list, we are just going to let his guy “wow” you on his own. Cameron has been around the scene for a while now in his own right, and these scooter videos will definitely show you why.


#4) The Orlandi Bros Scooter Video

Two for the price of one! Max & Jonah Orlandi (and their older brother Noah, aka, “the funny one”) are essentially the royal family of Canadian scootering. All 3 brothers can impress you with what they can do on a scooter. You just need to know who is not currently injured to know who is considered the best of the 3 at the moment.

The Orlandi brothers are a staple on the staff team at our Toronto ON Camps. Along with being great on scooters, they are even better with the kids and always leave positive, lasting impressions on the kids that are lucky enough to be in their groups. 

As the twins are the only ones currently sponsored (by the SC team as well), check out these scooter videos to know what the Orlandi boys are all about.

PS. Don’t be fooled: they do not look like tiny children anymore.


#5) Kagan Barr

We would never think of making this list exclusively with riders from the GTA when there are so many talented Canadians across our great nation. This kid is born & raised in the wild, wild west and does an awesome job of showing the rest of us that the Alberta scooter scene is as solid as everywhere else.

Kagan worked at our Calgary AB camp this summer and made sure that there was never a shortage of “steeze” on-site. He will be back in Calgary in 2018 and we have campers who already can’t wait to spend a week with him again next summer.

Our Calgary scooter staff team is a real family; you can usually find them all together at a park of their choice in the Greater Calgary Area. Not only is Kagan the star of this video, but these awesome scooter videos are created by another member of our Calgary team, Deven Rasberry. After you watch this, check out Deven’s other scooter videos that feature our various coaches battling each other in games of S.C.O.O.T.


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