Travel around the World to Skateboard, Scooter?

Travel around the World to Skateboard, Scooter?

June 14, 2017

 The dream of skating the best skateparks in the world, or hitting a street session in Barcelona or surfing in Costa Rica or Bali is all possible through Evolve Tours. 

Not sure if you knew about Evolve Tours, but they are our sister company.  Evolve Tours has been organizing adventure travel trips for students for the past decade. Evolve also organizes educational tours for schools across Canada and the US! Chances are, if you are in Grade 8 and living in Ontario, you probably went on a grad trip to Ottawa, Quebec, NYC or Montreal with Evolve. 

Evolve Surf Camp

Evolve Surf Camp

The benefits of Evolve Camps having a sister like Evolve Tours is that campers can benefit from the amazing places Evolve Tours travels to on a yearly basis. Skateboarding and Scootering are amazing sports to practice but how rad would it be to travel around the world to do the sports you love, including surfing. 

Skateboarding in California

California is the Mecca of skateboarding. This state is the place to be if you want the most variety of street and park options.

If you make it out to California with one of our tours or on your own, be sure to check out:

Santa Ana Skatepark:

Street skaters take note: This 12,000 sq. footer has what you crave: fun boxes, ledges, pyramids, plus 11 and 7 stairs with rails and hubbas.

Benicia X Park

At a cost of $850,000 to build, the 20,000 sq. ft. Benicia park is sick! The street section has all the usual fare and flows into a quarter pipe area that waterfalls into a 9-foot bowl.

Carson Warner Memorial Skatepark, Healdsburg

Located in an actual park, there are some shaded areas with benches and a deck. The skatepark itself is 20,000 sq. ft. with both a shallow and deep bowl connected by a spine. A nice sized roll in quarter pipe completes the package.

Palm Desert Skatepark

If you can stand the heat, you’ll enjoy this park, which is split into 5,000 sq. ft. for beginners and 15,000 sq. ft. for everyone else. A nice snake run spits you out into a 7- foot bowl, plus all the basic street stuff. $5 entry fee.

Martinez Skatepark

If you’re a street skater, this may not be ideal with its limited street course, but the walls and bowl are all 7 feet and offer some nice clean speed.

Tanzanite Skatepark, Sacramento

16,000 sq. ft. of concrete designed by California Skateparks. There’s bowls as well as a damn fine 13-foot over-vert pocket. Rip it up.

Grass Valley Skatepark

Get your speed on at Grass Valley with its smooth as silk concrete. Not a ton of stuff for the street skater, but why not try the bowls?

Delano Skatepark

Don’t forget your helmet when you come to skate this 23,342 sq. ft. beauty. When the sun goes down, the lights come on for some night sessions.

The Cove, Santa Monica

It ain’t free, but it’s 20,000 sq. ft. of assorted goodness. Come for the tranny skating – you won’t be disappointed. Resident $5, non $5.50.

Chino Skatepark

There’s a 3-leaf clover bowl, a 9 foot square bowl and more banks than Wall Street. Pads and helmets required.

Evolve Camps is expected to announce a California Skate Tour for Summer 2018. Stay tuned and be the first to know, by following us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM


Top 5 Scooter Parks 

Lets face it, Evolve Scooter Camp is where its at, but how amazing would it be to travel on a 10 Day Scooter Camp. Here is our list of the best scooter parks in the world:

 5.  Sammamish AKA Sammy AKA mammers – Australia

This place is where its at, day or night my friends, the lights stay on 24/7. 

 Sammamish Scooter Park

Sammamish Scooter Park

 4.  The Incline Club (TIC) – Lakewood, NJ

Just simply epic. One thing to remember…no Air Conditioning, bring water bottle. 

the incline club

the incline club

 3.  Corby – UK

Corby is the best park in the UK, get here!

 2.  GC Compound – Queensland, Australia

The best of the best in Australia come to train here. 

Benefits of Adventure Travel

1) Stay Mentally Sharp

2) Boost of Self Confidence

3) Spark the Desire to Explore

4) Help to Cope With Life

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