Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp ~ Register Today

Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp ~ Register Today

May 11, 2017

Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp 

The Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp will be going into its second year of operation. Our camp in 2016 was a huge success and we can’t wait to be back at Camp Timberlane. This year, we have added a second week to accommodate the high demand.

Choosing the right camp for your child can be a challenging task. Kids have so many different interests while camps have so much to choose from, Evolve Camps has made the decision-making process much easier for families, but offering an all-in one experience. 

Our camp offers many activities to choose from, but they are all related to fast paced activities and actions sports. If your child loves the activities listed below..than look no further for a summer program! 

Overnight Camp Activities at Evolve

  • Skateboarding and Instructional Skateboarding
  • Scootering  and Instructional Scootering
  • BMX and Instructional BMX
  • Wakeboarding
  • Wake Surfing
  • Water Skiing
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • Beach Time


Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp

NERF Archery Tag

Trampoline Trick Training

Beautiful sunsets on a private lake

Our own Private Skate Park + visits to Gravenhurst Skatepark

Custom BMX Dirt Track, designed by Evolve. bikes provided by Evolve

Dirt Pump Track

Laps and Laps in the Dirt BMX Track

Chills on the deck by the lake

No need to travel to California, with this private beach

Wakeboarding with Pro Instructors from Camp Timberlane

Learn to Wake Surf

Everyday is an adventure filled with so much healthy food choices.

Nothing like a best of 3 tetherball game 

Water ski, water park, wakeboard, wake surf all on the private lake.

P-I-N-G Pong beach sessions!

Spacious cabins right by the lake

Quarter pipes, rails and boxes to choose from

Scooter Sessions in the park

Never wakeboarded before? No problem! Hop on the boom and the Camp Timberlane instructors will get you going.

See? We told you they could!

Rock Climbing outdoors = amazing.

Look at this waterfront; straight out of a movie


Hands down the best water park in Haliburton


Questions to Consider when selecting an Overnight Camp

  1. What area/environment do I want to consider? (mountains, oceanfront, lake, distance from home, etc)  We are located at Camp Timberlane in Haliburton Ontario, under three hours from Toronto.
  2. Do I want a traditional camp that gives my child a wide variety of experiences or do I want to select a specialty camp like Evolve that focuses on a particular activity or set of skills? We focus primarily on skateboarding, scooter and BMX; with complimenting action activities.
  3. What size enrollment will make my child feel comfortable? Each one of our sessions is capped at 28 campers.
  4. How rustic do I want the camp to be? Our overnight action sports camp takes place in a traditional residential camp with many comfortable amenities. 
  5. How structured do I want the program to be? Does my child like to have lots of choice in the activity schedule? We are structured and focused around action sports, but kids have flexibility in their day with what they want to do.
  6. Is my child ready to sleep away from home for an extended stay? (This will help you to select either a residential/overnight or day camp setting) Only you as a parent will know or have the gut feeling if they are ready, or if they tell you!
  7. What session length will appeal to my child and to our family plans for the summer? (One week? 2 weeks? ETC) We offer 1 or 2 weeks of camp based on how much you and your child want.
  8. How can I stay in touch with my child during camp? Does the camp allow mail, phone calls or e-mail? We meticulously update our Evolve Camps Instagram (@evolvecamps), Facebook (facebook.com/evolvecamp) and send out regular update emails to parents. 
  9. How will the camp meet my child’s special dietary or physical needs? We cater to many dietary and health needs. Simply let us know what your child’s specific needs are.
  10. What is my budget for camp tuition? Simply let us know what your child’s specific needs While many camps offer financial aid, unfortunately we do not; please plan accordingly. 

See you at Evolve Overnight Action Sports Camp!!!

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