Edmonton Skateboard and Scooter Safety

Edmonton Skateboard and Scooter Safety

May 5, 2017

Edmonton Skateboard and Scooter Safety

Edmonton has an ever growing community in the skateboarding and scooter scene. With a growing community comes more traffic in the skateparks in Edmonton. 

While our goal is to make fun happen at every moment, safety is always our number one priority. We adhere to strict processes and industry standards, and we strictly enforce mandatory safety equipment and proper supervision at all times. Safety while riding is a lifelong habit that we try to instill in each Evolve camper.

We employ our “Challenge By Choice” philosophy, which means we never force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable doing. Instead we offer the challenge, and give them the tools to succeed. Each camper is sufficiently and safely coached and supervised from their arrival to their departure.

Edmonton Skateboarding and Scooter Camp

Learning balance techniques is also an important part of being safe at the skatepark. Many of our campers, whether they skateboard or scooter, use our indo board. The indo board teaches balance and also strengthens important body parts.

Edmonton Skateboarding Camp

Knowing when to drop in and when to skateboard or scooter a line in a busy skatepark in Edmonton is also key to success. Drop in at the wrong time and the chances of collision are very high.

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