Teen Surfing Camp Costa Rica

Teen Surfing Camp Costa Rica

January 26, 2017

Teen Surfing Camp Costa Rica

Registration for the The Evolve Camps teen surfing camp in Costa Rica is open! You can register for the camp HERE.

Gear questions always come up when campers sign up for any of our camps. For some of our programs gear is easy to pack, travel with and bring along. Its not that bringing a surf board to Costa Rica is tough, its just that its costly and purchasing a surf board can also be pricey. We have made it super easy for all campers who are joining the camp by including the surf board for the duration of the program.

Surf Board Sizes

At Evolve Camps Choosing the right surf board is key to good surf progression

Choosing a surf board size and style is important for surfers. Depending on your height, skill level and wave style will determine which surf board to choose. For beginners Evolve Surf Camp always provides long boards which are easier for balance and catching waves. Its a good idea to know about the different surf board types. 



Common Sizes: 5’2″ – 6’4″ long 20″ – 22″ wide Distinguished by its “swallow tail” end, fish surfboards have a wider, rounder nose that is good for small to medium sized waves.


Common Sizes:  5’5″ – 6’4″ long 16″ – 19″ wide The shortboard is the most common style used by advanced and professional surfers as they are designed to maximize speed and maneuverability.


Common Sizes:  6′ long or more Hybrids combine elements from other styles to customize the experience. For example, a heavier surfer might want a performance board with a heavier or wider build.


Common Sizes:  6’6″ – 8′ long 20″ – 22″ wide Funboards are designed for less-experienced surfers who want to have the turning ability of a shortboard and the paddling easy of a longboard.


Common Sizes:  8′ – 9′ long As the name implies, longboards have a greater length as well as a rounder nose, both of which make it harder to maneuver but easier to paddle and catch waves.


Common Sizes:  6′ – 10′ long Ideal for big wave surfing, gun boards have a narrow design that makes it easier to paddle out and control on steeper waves.


Evolve Surf Camp Costa Rica

Evolve Surf Camp Costa Rica

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