Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

November 22, 2016

Ontario Ski Resorts With Projected Opening Dates

Residents living all over Ontario experienced the first heavy snowfall this past weekend. Many areas were hit with nearly 50cm of snow! Much of a difference already compared to the mild winter of 2015/2016. You can expect a snowy winter for 2016/2017 and especially in the ski country. This news has many people wondering when certain ski resorts will open so they could finally hit the slopes.

Southern Ontario Snowfall Nov, 20th 2016

Snowfall in Southern Ontario on Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Here’s a list of expected opening dates for ski resorts in Ontario as reported by onthesnow.ca and some reported from resort websites. Not all dates listed here are official and final; they based on current weather projections, but subject to change.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone – 1/1/17

Blue Mountain – 25/11/16

Hidden Valley – 3/12/16

Horseshoe Resort – 19/12/16

Glen Eden – 8/1/17

Snow Valley – Optimistic for 10/12/16, possible chance to open 3/12/16

Mansfield Ski Club – 17/12/16

Many ski resorts have already started the snowmaking process, including Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

Snowmaking at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. One of many ski resorts who are in the process of making snow.

Other ski resorts in Ontario are not ready to release info on opening dates, but many have started making snow in the hopes to soon put a finger on a calendar for a date. We will keep you updated!

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