Baby Snowboarders Hitting The Slopes

Baby Snowboarders Hitting The Slopes

November 3, 2016

Baby Snowboarders Hitting The Slopes

Searching for a youtube video to brighten up your day? Look no further! These two young snowboarders, Sloan and Johnny will bring an instant smile to your face. They basically started shredding not long after learning to walk.

Below you’ll see Sloan on a snowboard for her first time. For a baby’s first time, she’s totally killing it in skills and in cuteness. If you’re interesting in seeing what Sloan’s up to these days, check out her YouTube channel. HINT: She does more than just snowboard!


Next up is Johnny, who is probably one of the coolest babies to hit the slopes. Not only can he simply ride in a line, but he’s on his way to being a pro in the park as well.  With the help of his dad, he’s hitting those rails and riding boxes too. Johnny also has a Youtube channel if you want to see more of his skills.


Although Evolve Snow Camps does not provide lessons to babies, it’s awesome to have them learn early on for when its time to sign up for classes. This way, they have already developed the feel of being on a board along with some skills and are ahead of the game.



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