Ski Resorts To Check Out In Chile

Ski Resorts To Check Out In Chile

October 8, 2016

Ski Resorts To Check Out In Chile

It might be fall here but were always dreaming of an endless winter! With an endless winter it has us thinking about Chile. Looking to book a trip down to the southern hemisphere sometime soon? Here’s a few ski resorts to check out.

1. Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Evolve Chile is an exclusive partner with world-class ski resort. It truly offers something for people of all ages and is an international travelers dream! This is where we do The resort is located 90 minutes from Santiago part of the Tres Valles (Three Valleys) of the Andes. It’s neighbouring ski resorts include La Parva and El Colorado. The site offers huge terrain and long runs that will keep you occupied for hours and never get bored. The site is known for its powder skiing and snowboarding. Not to mention its backcountry terrain and their world class heli-skiing that is a major of the resort. State of the art facilities include pub, spa, shopping, new conference center.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Valle Nevado, La Parva and El Colorado are three ski resorts known as the Tres Valles occupies the largest terrain in all of South America

2. Ski Portillo Ski Resort

Ski Portillo is a world renowned ski resort is located in the magnificent Andes mountains of Chile in the Valparaíso Region. The terrains are a combination of long groomed runs and big mountain skiing/snowboarding. There is no town or village in Portillo so all of the facilities are housed within the hotel. The resort has very social atmosphere where guests not only hit the slopes together, but also eat in the dining room and enjoy other facilities such as a disco, gym, cinema, and the outdoor pool and jacuzzis. With all of that, the resort will give you a cruise ship feel, could also be because that the iconic yellow hotel resembles an actual cruise ship! Ski Portillo is home to this year’s IF3 international film festival, so you know that makes this resort a hot spot to hit up.

Ski Portillo resort with the iconic yellow hotel in the background

Ski Portillo Ski Resort with the iconic yellow hotel in the background

3. Nevados de Chillán Ski Resort

This ski resort is a hot spot for travelers, literally because it sits on the flanks of three very active volcanoes! The resort lies at the base of the active Volcan Chillan (Chillan Nuevo and Chillan Viejo), 82km east of the city of Chillan. You’ll be sure to find interesting bowls, natural half pipes and gullies and due to the volcanic eruptions and rivers of lava that were left behind. When the condition are very good, there is some tree-skiing offered, which is uncommon for for chilean resorts up north.  Naturally because of the resorts location, there are many hot springs to relax in while looking at the gorgeous mountain views.

Nevados de Chillán Resort sitting on three active volcanoes

Nevados de Chillán Ski Resort sitting on three active volcanoes

Dreaming of an back to back seasons yet? If so Evolve Chile is waiting for you. Sign up for next summer and be prepared for a trip of a lifetime!

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