Need Skateboard Wheels? Visit Evolve Skate Shop

Need Skateboard Wheels? Visit Evolve Skate Shop

May 15, 2016

Wheels are an important part of a skateboard. With the right wheels, you can make your board more grippy so you can turn sharper without washing out, or you can make it easier to do power slides and drift corners. Softer wheels add grip, hard wheels add slide. Evolve Skate Shop has a few different skateboard wheels available for purchase online or in our Toronto shop.

Here’s a few of the wheels we currently have in stock:

Bones 100 White Skateboard Wheels

evolve skateboard wheels

These are 52mm wheels from Bones. Check them out on our website! Click here.

Bones 100 Multicolour Skateboard Wheels


Some colourful 52mm Bones wheels. Click here for more info.

Visit to see our full catalog. Or, give us a call at 416.619.4521.
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