The Syrmo Smart Pad tracks your skate sessions

The Syrmo Smart Pad tracks your skate sessions

May 13, 2016

This is kind of a cool little device. The Syrmo Smart Pad gets attached to the trucks of your skateboard and tracks the movements of the deck in order to get a feed of analytics that can be used to improve your skating. You turn it on at the beginning of your sesh and start recording. Using an app on your phone, you can replay the recording to see what you did right and what you need to improve.

The Syrmo Smart Pad is available for preorder right now.

From the video description:

“What if you could relive that sensation? What if you could inmortalise your tricks and share them with the world? Wouldn’t that be kick ass?

Well, now you can. Introducing syrmo. For all those who’ve had a second of glory that deserves to be eternal.a smart pad you simply attach to the truck… imperceptible when you’re skating. Because syrmo was conceived, designed and tested in collaboration with real skaters.

Sensors track every movement of the skateboard…and connect to an app on your phone to record and replay all the tricks you perform in 3d. The ones that you land and the ones that you don’t. All with your very own style. This way you can relive them. Share them. Improve on them. Break records. Challenge your friends. Play. Choose routes… and join the largest social network of skaters who don’t want to pretend, who want to be.”

Kind of cool. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be using these for our skateboard lessons.

syrmo smart pad
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