Scooter Tricks – The Fundamentals

Scooter Tricks – The Fundamentals

May 10, 2016

Just like any sport, scooter riding has a few skills that are considered to be fundamental. Before you can properly learn any other scooter tricks, there’s a few that you have to get down. It’s like skateboarding: you need to learn how to ollie before you can start hitting kickflips.

In this blog post, I’m going to list some of the fundamental tricks that you should learn in order to move onto to bigger and better things.



This is definitely one of the first scooter tricks you should learn. It’s the gateway to most other tricks, and if you’re comfortable with bunnyhopping, you can do a lot. All you need to do it jump from the deck and pull upwards on the handle bars to bring your scooter into the air with you. Pretty easy stuff.



The barspin is exactly what it sounds like: you spin your bars. This is a quick little trick that you can throw into your lines.


2016 ISA East Qualifier

The tailwhip is when you spin the deck of your scooter 360 degrees around your bars. Most people think that the most important part is kicking out the deck with you feet, which, yes, is important, however a lot of it has to do with how you flick your bars around.


2016 ISA East Qualifier

The 180 is when you spin your body, and your scooter, 180 degrees around and land backwards. The spin isn’t so bad, it’s landing and riding out backwards that messes a lot of people up. If you can get this trick down, you’ll be well on your way to the next one:



180 + another 180! In a 360, you spin your body completely around and land facing forward again. It’s harder to spin, but easier to land.

If you can get these tricks down, you’re on your way to being a pro! 

It’s definitely easier said than done, though… that’s why Evolve offers scooter lessons and camps that can help you nail these tricks faster! Our instructors make sure to provide campers with a safe environment that fosters growth and improvement.

If you’re interested in scooter lessons, give us a call at 416.619.4521 or visit our website.
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