The Green Zine Compiles Eric Koston’s Greatest Hits

The Green Zine Compiles Eric Koston’s Greatest Hits

May 5, 2016

A few weeks ago, WKND Skateboards announced that they’d be releasing a line of decks in partnership with Eric Koston. Great news! But it wasn’t long before they announced that they’d no longer be working with him. The announcement came after an incident that involved a broken fisheye lens. To me, the whole thing smells like a marketing scheme, but hey, you be the judge. Here’s the video of the incident:

It’s probably just a move to sell more decks. Anyways, after all of this news was circulating around, The Green Zine decided to do a bit of digging through the archives and assemble a monster montage of some of the best Eric Koston footage out there. Call it a celebration. In fact, it’s almost everything that he’s done on-screen thus far.

The 47 minute mash up plays in chronological order, featuring clips from 1992 all the way up until 2015. These guys seriously did their research! Check it out below:

Here’s a list of the films included and the times that they appear:

Next Generation (1992) – 0.00
Falling Down (1993) – 6.35
411 (1993) – 9.26
Goldfish (1993) – 13.18
Mouse (1996) – 17.27
The Chocolate Tour (1999) – 20.38
Menikmati (2000) – 22.04
Chomp on This (2002) – 29.51
Yeah Right (2003) – 33.17
Fully Flared (2007) – 39.33
Pretty Sweet (2012) – 43.32
Chronicles Vol 3 (2015) – 44.20

Looking on the WKND shop, it looks like all the Koston decks are sold out. I guess their little marketing scheme worked! They actually are pretty cool though, check them out. Maybe your local skate shops has some. If not, grab a different deck from Evolve’s shop like this sick tie-dye.

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