Scooter Spots: Markham

Scooter Spots: Markham

April 27, 2016

Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of options when it comes to finding good spots to ride your scooter in Markham. Unless you manage to find a cool place somewhere in the street, chances are you’ll probably be taking a trip to the City of Markham’s Centennial Skatepark. That’s not really a problem, though, because the park is great. You can easily spend an entire day there and totally lose track of time.

Markham Skatepark Scooter

The Markham Centennial Skatepark is roughly 15,000 square feet, located at 8600 McCowan Rd, Markham, Ontario. It’s pretty sizeable, so unless it’s crazy busy, there’s plenty of room to rip around. There’s a lot of great, smooth transitions here. If getting air is your kind of thrill, look no further. Tons of banks, walls, and quarter pipes. Bowls too!

If you want to do some gaps and rails, there’s plenty here as well. All the ledges have stainless steel coping to make it easier to grind, and there’s a couple nice staircases (8-set and a 3+3 set) with handrails for grinding, too.

Because it’s the only park around, you’re bound to meet a ton of other people who are into shredding scooters just as much as you are! It’s like the scooter watering hole of Markham, where everyone can get together for a bit of fun and friendly competition. Evolve also offers scooter camps that run out of the Markham skatepark, another great way to meet people! Here’s a video we made at one of those camps:

Evolve runs two different types of scooter camps at Markham’s Centennial Skatepark. The first is our scooter Camp bus program, which is a traveling camp that visits a variety of other skateparks in the the GTA, including Centennial. The second is our drop-off program, which stays exclusively at Centennial.

If you want some more information about our Markham scooter camps, click here.

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