How To Tackle Steep Terrain on a Snowboard

July 31, 2015
Steep Terrain. Evolve. Snowboard


Maintain a regular stance with your shoulders in line over your board, square with your hips and knees.

Avoid temptation to lean back, and do not face your shoulders facing downwards. This counter-rotation will throw off your balance.


Keep your weight over your front foot.

Steep Terrain. Evolve. Snowcamps. Tips. Tricks



Lean on your front foot and swing your back foot from side to side. Think of it like a metronome movement, or windshield wiper.


You can switch some of the pressure to your back foot at the end of your turn, but for the most part maintain weight on your front foot.


These swift pivot turns can help you control your speed.

Carving down a steep incline is a more advanced way of tackling the vertical. If opting to carve, first make wide turns across the hill to get the feel for the movement on such steep terrain. Slowly pull your turns closer together.


Once you are making tight turns, make “C” shapes instead of “S” shapes. To do this, sweep uphill at the end of each turn. This uphill sweep will help you slow down to control your speed. Alter your upward motions to increase or decrease your speed.

Also, slow down after each turn by placing more pressure on your feet to help control speed.

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