Snow Hacks – Tips to Have the Ultimate Day out there on the Slopes

July 10, 2015

Skiing and Snowboarding are two extreme sports that are extreme fun. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way. Cold, Hunger, Exhaustion – they can all lead to a ratty attitude and a day spent in the lodge instead of out on the slopes. Scratches goggles or a nubbed zipper are can ruin more than just the materialist’s day.


We tell you some ski and snowboard hacks to ensure that you have the best day possible next time you make it out.


1. Steel Cut Oats and Chia Seeds

We all know how important a hearty breakfast is before a day of exercise. We’ve all heard the spiel about how healthy eating habits can dramatically improve athletic performance.

Still though, your best bet is to set a reminder in your phone. We know what it’s like to wake up late, mad excited for shredding, and totally forget about that morning fuel.

Oatmeal is a great filler because it takes a long time to digest and is packed with nutrients. It can also warm you up from the inside, starting your day off right.

Steel Cut Oats are more nutritious than instant rolled oats because they still have the outer covering, which is the part that contains most of the fibre of the oats. De-husked rolled outs don’t provide you with nearly the same benefits. Chia seeds can add texture as well as protein and omega 3’s to the meal.

When you’re out there skiing or shredding, you can burn around 3000 calories a day depending on how hard you’re pushing. Don’t let it catch up to you.


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2. Rise and Shine

Lay the groundwork – be the first one to ride the fresh pow in the morning. Conditions are exceptionally better in the mornings. The colder mornings are a pay-off for better snow conditions nine times out of ten.

Less people are out with the rise of the sun, and so you get to mark your territory on all those untracked trails. You can be the first to claim to the overnight snowfall, and first one to glide the fresh pow on the mountain.

Regardless of whether snow fell the night before, you still get to benefit from the freshly groomed terrain

Burton featured an excellent article on the subject. They mention the early morning nature and tone-setting wake up that is part of this thrill-seeker’s perfect start to a day. Check out the article here Sunrise. Mountain. Snow. Early. Morning. Ski. Snowboard. Powder. Fresh Pow. First Run. Early Bird


3. Keep your boots indoors the night before

This simple life hack is SO often overlooked.

When you think about it though, it is extremely straightforward. If you start your day off with cold feet, you are not going to start your day off well.

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4. Actually Use your Goggle Protectors

For one reason or another, this is something that always gets overlooked. Goggles are sold with protective cases for a reason.

Goggle scratches can impact your visibility and are incredibly annoying. That hairline scratch will stare at you all day long reminding you just how much you spent on that top of the line lens, and what it is worth now.

All you got to do is keep your Goggles in their special box or baggy. Thats it. Easy, and yet somehow so difficult

If you’re curious about which goggles to start off with, REI has a very easy to follow instructional video on Goggle shopping.


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5. Mingle With the Singles

Waiting Sucks. We can all agree on that one. The worst type of waiting is in those lengthy lift lines when you are eager to get out on the slopes.

The answer: you’ve got to separate from your friends if you want to get in the most skiing or snowboarding in for the day.

The singles line has more benefits than just climbing to the top of the mountain at a faster rate. This is your chance to meet other skiiers and snowboarders. You can learn information about best runs and current conditions, while and get tips and advice.

This is networking at its best.

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6. Dress in Colour

The mountain is PACKED,  you’ve just taken the singles line up to the top in order to beat the crowds, your phone is dead because the battery shut down in the cold, and now you can’t seem to find your ski buddies ANYWHERE

Lucky you’re wearing that bright orange coat so that they can spot YOU in no time.

Bright Orange Ski Coat. Snowboard Coat. Bright. Colours. Colors. Ski Hack. Snowboard Hack

7. Wear Thin Socks

This might come as a surprise, but thin socks have benefits against thick socks when it comes to these two winter sports.

We no longer need to count on our socks to insulate us from the cold. So long as you are using relatively new ski or snowboard boots, the boots themselves will do the job of insulating your feet. Due to the advancement of ski and snowboard boot technology, the socks you choose to wear have a whole other purpose that does not involve keeping your toes from freezing off.

The socks you opt to wear are ultimately there for hygienic purposes, as well as to provide comfort.

Thin socks provide more ventilation. With your foot stuck inside your boot for hours on end, you don’t want them getting wet from perspiration. Thin socks are also stretchier, allowing for more movement and maneuverability.

Here is a detailed article about ski socks.  Snowboard socks are similar, but have padding in different areas. Ski boots and snowboard boots are built differently, and so the socks must be fit to pad different parts of the shins and calf depending on the sport which they are geared towards.

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8. The Base Layer is Key

Wear a thermal layer under everything else.

When it comes down to it, that extra warm ski coat won’t do anything helpful for you if you are not properly insulated. Sweating inside your cotton tee will just freeze you from the inside out.

Make your first layer thin and lightweight. It should fit tight to help keep you dry. A synthetic fabric is recomended. It dries fast and is easy to move around in.

An alternative to synthetic material is wool. Wool is a good moisture-manager. It also never stinks which is a bonus for your apres-ski reputation.

Often people go for a short-sleeved base layer to allow for more movement. This an idea for your mid and top layer, but bottom layer is recommended to be long-sleeved.

This read is a great article about layering up properly.

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9. Bring a a pack-lunch …. and pack a snack

Bring a pack lunch to avoid the poutine temptations that will only slow you down. Hefty prices are not a fun encounter, and neither are post-lunch comas.

Pack Lunch. Ski. Snowboard. Lunch Break. Evolve Snow Camps
10. Steer Clear of the Lodge between 11:30 and 1

Lunch time in a ski lodge is quite a close comparison to a zoo.

You might think that everyone has this same idea to skip the lunch lines, but there is a reason why things get so busy after 11:30 and before 1 pm.

During this lunch break, there isn’t just those avid skiiers and snowboarders fueling up to head back out on the slopes. There is also the 1/2 day morning skiiers in the lodge finishing their day. On top of that, you can also find the late risers gearing up for their afternoon.

Ski schools and camps have designated times to stop for lunch. Despite knowing that lines are long and the lodge is busy, they will always take breaks between these two times.

Ski Lodge. Busy. Lunch. Cafeteria. Evolve Snow Camps
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