SouthWest Scooter Tour Video

June 15, 2015


Are you ready for the ultimate scooter vid that is absolutely going to make you hit the share, like and comment buttons immediately?? Oh and NO DOUBT the repeat button will be in that list as well


This video recap of the Southwest Scooter Tour is absolutely unreal.


10 legendary riders took off across the South West for a month of extreme scooter riding, and that’s right, they filmed the entire experience. Cooper Klaar, Dan Barrett, Hunter Bechtle, Jake Hershey, Joe Armstrong, Jon Devrind, Roomet Saalik, Ryan Upchurch, Stan Smirnoff, and Tyler Boner represented the Phoenix team across the South West – ranging from California, over to Mexico, and back up to Arizona. This team is STACKED and you definitely see this rad talent come out in the video!!


Kudos to Ryan Upchurch for the editing of this one:


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