Skateboarding: London, Ontario

Skateboarding: London, Ontario

June 1, 2015


Hey all you skateboarders out there looking to get some information on the skatelife around your community! Check out our comprehensive guide here! We’ll be posting up information from a new region every week so keep checking up here for information about the skateboard world around your area! When we post information about your skate-zone, we want YOU to help us. This week –London, Ontario is the sixth one up! Email us at if you’ve got any information we should add into the directory!



Skatepark Directory and Reviews

  1. Basil Grover

This park is located on the SouthWest part of town and is catered to beginner and intermediate level riders.

Surface: Concrete

Features: Mini Quarter Pipe, Flat Bar, Satirs, Ledges and wedge bank combos

 Address: 555 Wharncliffe Road South. Located on the corner of Whatncliffe and Commisioners.

Check out this website for a great tour of the park:



  1. Kiwanis Skate Plaza

The Kiwanis Skate Plaza which opened in 2010 covers approximated

1700 square metres and is geared towards beginner and intermediate level skaters. The most unique feature is the collection of lily pad blocks set up in the park.


Inside/Outdoors: Outdoors

Surface: Concrete

Caters to: All

Cost: No

Shop on Site: No

Features: hubba style ledges, banks, pier7 manual pad, lily pads, jersey

barrier, hips curved ledge with extension and gap, pump bump sequence,

transition gap, concave ledge, corner C-ledges, euro gap, transition/mini

ramp feature, coin bank, 2 halfpipe with coping bars


Address: 1475 Brydges Street near the intersection with Graydon Street


  1. Kiwanis Skate Bowls (Medway)

This more advanced park has a lot to offer. Check out its wide range of

features below.

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Surface: Concrete

Features: wave, pump track, roll in, step up or transfer/sub box,

graduating mullet hip transfer, escalating bowled corner, mullet spine, graduating beginner mullet hip transfer/90 HP/rounded pump hip, 25 degree hip, tight radius 25 defree corner, 2 waterfalls, 45 degree hip, over-vert clamshell, larger deck space, 150 mullet gap hip/straight line 90 mullet hip/rounded pump hip, 56 degree mullet

Address: 1051 Wonderland Road North (Beside the Ray Langdon Memorial Arena and the Medway community Centre)

KiwanisSkateBowls.SkateBowl.Medway.London.Ontario.Skateboarding, Skatelife.Evolve.Camp.png


  1. Naimi-Almeida

This park, also geared towards beginner – intermediate riders is located at the

South East side of town between Eula White Place and Phair Crescent.


Features: quarter pipe, bank structure, rails, boxes, ledges


Address: 828 Deveron Crescent



  1. Rivers Edge

This is a neighborhood park friendly for kids and families. It is known for its

smooth skate surface for clean skating.

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Features: quater pipe and platform, banks, hubba ledges, manni pad with square

grind rail, 6ft high ramp


Address: 15 St. Julen Street


  1. Revert Skatepark (Indoor)

Located inside the Gateway Church, the Revert Skatepark has movable and

customizable features. The skatepark has a fairly good reputation and is a great place to skate, however watch out for the lips on the bottom of the quater pipes because not everyone is a fan of tem. The quarter pipe is pretty short and caters to intermediate and beginner skaters.


Required Padding: Mandatory Helmets

Restrooms: No

Other: Shirts Required, Boom Boxes restricted

Cost: $5 per session / 50$ Membership per year

Shop on Site: Rental Shop

Caters To: All


Hours: see website


Address: 890 Sarnia Road



  1. SpringBank (Byron)

This skatepark located in Byron is said to have a good quarter pipe, neither too

steep nor too shallow, with a smooth concrete surface. Find a great tour of the park here:


Features: 5 stair sets with landing roof, hubba ledges and a round handrail,

wedge to wedge banks with flat and roof top ledge, 2 ½ foot hip, 3 ft cantilevered bank


Andress: 1085 Commisioners Road West (near west parking lot of Spring Bank



  1. Stronach

This Skatepark is a great place for beginners, fun and friendly atmosphere.


Features: boxes, bank structure, pocket wall, ledge structure, box/ramp combo

Address: 1221 Sandford Street, near the Rec centre


  1. Victoria (Ledge Land)

This one is known for its grind boxes for more advanced skaters


Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Surface: Concrete

Address: 580 Clarence Street


  1. West Lions

The halfpipe at this skatepark is well worth checking out — also very well maintained.


Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Cost: Free

Hours: 6am- 10 pm

Features: Mini Ramp, Mini Half pipe, two small ledges, pyramid, streetcourse,

cool down splash pad

Address: 20 Granville Street (Beside the Kinsmen Rec Centre)


  1. White Oaks

Features: Ramps, Banks, 2 Quater Pipes, Pyramids, 6ft landing

Address: 70 Ponderosa Cres.


  1. Wolseley

This skatepark is one of the largest in the city of London and is geared towards

all levels. It is located just beside the Carling Heights Optimist Community




Surface: Concrete

Caters to: All

Features: replica pool,rollers,stairs with rail, step-up hubbas and bump to ledge,

2 flat and 3 double stair set with rails, step-up, hubbas, bump to ledge and up

ledge, floating kicker/step up and down hip,quarter pipe to bank and step up combo,long hubba/bump to ledge combination,bank to floating ledge,30 brick euro hip, bump to ledge, bank to tranny ledge/wallie transfer combination



add: House of Vans indoor Skatepark


Skateboarding Stores in London:

  1. The Boardshop

Address: 410 Wharncliffe Rd S

Contact 673-3810


  1. Legacy Skateboarding

Don’t be fooled – Legacy has closed down

  1. London Skateboard Co-Op

This independent Skate shop was Canada’s first co-operative skate shop. The dedicated workers and large variety make this a top shop to check out.

Address: 614 Dundas St.

Contact: 519-518-9995



Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11 – 7

Saturday 10 – 6

Sunday: 12 – 4



  1. Immortal Skateboards


Online Forums:


Hidden Skate Spots:

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