May 12, 2015

Evolve Skate Camp Partners with GoPro




Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 12th, 2015 –

Evolve Skate Camp announced today their partnership with GoPro. GoPro and Evolve Skate Camp will work together to capture video coverage of Evolve Skate Camp in their summer camp sessions.

“We are stoked to be working with GoPro. This partnership will let us capture quality video content of all our campers” – Daniel Rinzler

Evolve Skate Camp is far more than your average summer camp. Evolve Skate Camp is a summer camp that teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced skateboarding lessons to skaters from Toronto and the GTA. Evolve gives campers the opportunity to practise their ultimate hobby all day long, and it teaches them new skills to help progress to higher levels.

This partnership with GoPro will help capture that impressive progression. The partnership will allow campers to share their new found skills with their friends and family.

“Partnering with GoPro is going to allow campers to share their camp experience with their peers outside of camp. These high quality cameras capture such rich content, the videos are going to be nuts”  -Josh Benoliel

Evolve Skate Camp offers week-long sessions throughout the summer months, and a March Break session in spring. Lessons are offered to campers ages 6 – 16. The day camp focuses on improving fundamental skills, balance, coordination and style. The program has been carefully designed to best advance skaters to higher levels.

Lessons are taught every morning in a group setting. The coaches are seasoned skateboarders who methodically help campers advance. Evolve Skate Camp’s staff of instructors know how to teach within safe limits. Evolve employs a “challenge by choice” philosophy, as to never force anyone into doing something that they don’t want to do.

“We offer a challenge, and let the campers decide if they want to take us up on that challenge”- Jeff Richmond

After lunch, campers are given time to work on the tricks they are trying to master. Under the supervision of our staff stationed throughout the skatepark, campers begin to challenge themselves, and each other, by working on improvements through repetition. Our coaches are on hand to work with campers to correct flaws and to accelerate learning.

Activities such as swimming, dodgeball, egg toss etc. are offered throughout the week as well to get campers revved up.

“It hard to skate all day long, so we like to switch it up a bit to keep the energy high” – Daniel Rinzler

From time to time guest pro coaches show up at camp to help instruct campers and to give away other swag or prizes.

Capturing this unbelievable camp experience is something this new partnership with GoPro will allow to happen. This upcoming session will be filmed using all GoPro cameras. Professional videographers as well as camp staff will be equipped with these top of the line capturing devices throughout the camp sessions.

GoPro cameras all provide high definition clips, that are shot on a wide angle lens. The high standards of GoPro result in quality footage – meaning these cameras are ideal for capturing Evolve campers in the park.

“Thanks to this partnership, we’re going to have so much high quality footage of everything that Evolve Skate Camp has to offer. Campers can look back at these videos and see how much better they’ve become throughout time!” – Daniel Rinzler

“We’re really excited to be able to share our campers’ progression with their parents” – Josh Benoliel

“The videos released after this years summer sessions are going to be amazing. I can’t wait to watch them” – Jeff Richmond

For more pricing and more information, please visit www.evolveskatecamp.com or call 1.416.619.4521

About Evolve Skate Camp:

Evolve Skate Camp is the premier summer skateboard camp in Toronto. Evolve Skate Camp offers a full day of skateboard lessons and skateboard instruction in a fun day camp environment. Evolve Skate Camp travels to 5 different skateboard parks each week. Each skatepark that Evolve travels to provides campers with an opportunity to try new tricks and develop their skateboard skills on new surfaces. The camp includes daily skills instruction from some of the best coaches in the sport, supervised open practice, and other more traditional camp activities, along with friendly contests and prizes from Evolve’s sponsors. While other camps are limited to one skateboard park, each day at Evolve Skate Camp is a unique and fun experience for campers. Camp includes a full day of skateboarding and bus transportation. Evolve travels throughout the GTA and brings along their one-of-a-kind camp atmosphere.

For more information about Evolve Skate Camp, visit www.evolveskatecamp.com


About GoPro:

GoPro is a camera and camera accessory company that offers both hardware and software solutions to the photo and video industry. GoPro branded cameras are light, compact, durable cameras suitable for adventure sport and action. GoPro cameras provide wide-angle photos and videos in high-definition quality.

GoPro is an american corporation based out of San Mateo, California.

For more information about GoPro, visit www.gopro.com



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