5 Reasons Why to Learn How to Ski or Snowboard

5 Reasons Why to Learn How to Ski or Snowboard

November 8, 2014

Here at the Evolve headquarters we take fun very seriously. Travel, Skateboarding, Skiing and Snowboarding, all are very important to us (and deserving of capitals^). Going skiing or going snowboarding is as necessary to our lives here as breathing, or eating quinoa. But for those of you who have not yet been #blessed with the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard, or if you are looking to put a child on a pair of skis or a snowboard, here are just a few reasons why we think learning to ski or snowboard is a great thing to do.

1. It’s great exercise: Both skiing and snowboarding are great cardio and strength building exercises, and require breathing and focus. After a day on the slopes you will feel those quads and glutes burning! And once you get the taste of fresh powder, you will want to stay in peak shape in order to ski or ride your best all winter.Evolve Snow Camps Mount St Louis Moonstone 31

2. It’s a great way to experience nature: Skiing and snowboarding requires actually getting away from a screen and enjoying life outside, often in the mountains, any sport that has a beautiful mountain and sky as its playing field, is a sport that we can vibe with.

3. It’s a great way to socialize: Many of my current friends I have either met while riding, or at least come out riding with me in the winter, I even get to spend time with my family on the slopes despite our busy schedules.


4. Challenge yourself: While skiing and snowboarding are both social sports, there is also a great personal component to the sport. Sure you can compete against other people, but there is still something gratifying about riding without points or a clock, you don’t need to win with skiing and snowboarding, it inherently feels good.

5. It becomes part of your character: Seriously. Think about things you do during your days. So you made a sandwich, do you refer to yourself as a sandwicher? Not likely, but I can guarantee after you get a taste of carving down a freshly groomed run, or some deep powder you will not second guess calling yourself a skier or snowboarder.
Hit us up, and get out there.



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