What is an Olloclip?

What is an Olloclip?

October 24, 2014

Ask any real photographer what the best camera is and they will tell you it is the one that you are holding, your photos can’t be great unless you get the shot. This is perhaps one of the major benefits of the rise in mobile photography, and the fact that we all have cameras on our phones everywhere we go. Skateboarding and photography have had a long and eventful relationship and it only makes sense for us to have a partner like Olloclip.

What is an Olloclip? you may be wondering… Well an Olloclip is a solution to bridge the gap between mobile phone photography and traditional slr photography. Olloclip provides lenses that can be mounted on a range of iPhones and Samsung phones in order to get the most out of your cell phone camera. They make tons of lenses including macro, telephoto, wide-angle and our favourite to shoot skating with… the fisheye.
Have a look at their line and come hit up Evolve Skate Camps or one of our comps to test one out or even win some gear from them. See the Olloclip in action below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpCK_KR8qJ4]

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