Throwback Thursday: Rodney Mullen

Throwback Thursday: Rodney Mullen

October 23, 2014

Hey what’s up everybody!
For today’s Throwback Thursday post we have got a clip featuring some of the most classic tricks by one of our favourite skateboarders, the legendary Rodney Mullen. We love this video for the outfits, the old school skate shoes, the board, and the insanely technical tricks… this video is just reeking of style.

80's style

Retro Mullen grooves

Now we at Evolve Skate Camps can’t promise we will turn you into Rodney Mullen overnight (but you never know) because skateboarding is extremely challenging and takes tons of practice, but we can guarantee to get you moving on a board and teach you all of the fundamentals of skating and classic skate tricks… including some in the video below! So check the clip, and holler if you want to join Toronto’s only travelling skate camp. Evolve Skate Camp. Stay Healthy

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