Throwback Thursday: Retro Snow Vintage Snowboard Museum

Throwback Thursday: Retro Snow Vintage Snowboard Museum

October 16, 2014

Hey everybody! Time to turn back the clocks again for our Throwback Thursday post. Here at the Evolve Snow Camps Headquaters we are obsessed with anything and everything related to skiing and snowboarding. That is why we went absolutely mental when we heard about Retro Snow Vintage Snowboard museum.

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The friendly people over at Retro Snow are just about as snowboard crazy as we are, so much so that they dedicate their time to collecting and cataloging snowboards of sessions gone by. Snowboards have, dare I say “Evolved” quite bit (sorry!) from their humble beginnings and as we see retro and throwback trends entering into so many facets of our culture it is only fitting to look back at the history of snowboarding for inspiration for your next trick, style or overall vibe. Plus it is just so cool to look at these old boards.

Have a look HERE at Retro Snow on Facebook, and you will definitely have some conversation points for your Evolve Snow Camps coach this winter on the chairlift at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

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