Camp is around the corner!

Camp is around the corner!

June 12, 2014

We are 19 days away from camp and we can’t wait! Our staff are ready to go and so are all of us at the office. Here is a good list of of reminders before you send your kids to camp:


1. Have you checked to make sure you son or daughters skateboard is in good condition?
– Good condition means that the trucks are working well, the wheels are spinning freely and the grip tape is still good. We will do a check on the first day to double check and keep you informed if your son or daughters board is good shape for camp.

2. Does your kids helmet fit fine and is it skateboard appropriate.
– Make sure your kids helmet fits fine. A helmet that is too bit or too small is useless. Biking, rock climbing and hockey helmets are not appropriate and will not be allowed at camp. A good helmet to buy for camp is ProTec.

3. Do the pads fit well and protect elbos, knees and wrists properly?
– Make sure your kids pads arent from when they were younger or handed down from an older kid or adult. Pads that dont fit well are also useless. Old rollerblading or volleyball pads are no good. Skateboarding specific pads from ProTec are the way to go. You can buy them at West49.

4. Do you have a good backpack or lunch cooler for your kids meals?
– It gets pretty hot at camp so make sure to pack your kids meals in a bags that can keep things cool from the sun. We are an eco-friendly camp to PLEASE avoid sending non reusable water bottles, sandwich containers etc.

5. Med forms in?
– It is super important you send your kids med-form to camp before July 1st. DON’T FORGET



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