Skateboarding Camp – Haliburton

Skateboarding Camp – Haliburton

January 29, 2014

A lot of families int he Haliburton area have been contacting us about Evolve Skate Camp. So we have made this post to help simply all the answers.

Q: We live in the haliburton area, do you have any skateboarding camps for kids from here?

A: Evolve Skate Camp is based in Toronto and we have kids from all over the GTA. In 2014 we will have a sleep over camp program for all the out of town kids.

Q: Will Evolve provide transportation for the kids in Haliburton?
A: We do not provide the transportation from Haliburton, however once the Kids arrive in Toronto, they will be transported daily with our private buses.

Q: Are there any shops in the area you recommend for us to buy gear?
A: Two of the best shops to purchase skateboards and protective equipment will be Sharplys, which is located at 7 Highland Street and Algonquin Outfitters would be another great option at 218 Highland Street.

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