Trick Tip | Matt Miller | Nollie Backside Nosegrind

Trick Tip | Matt Miller | Nollie Backside Nosegrind

March 29, 2013

Here’s an interesting one—the nollie backside nosegrind. Nollie grind tricks aren’t always easy, but luckily Matt Miller is here on behalf of Expedition One to break down some of the finer points to this flashy move. As he instructs, you always want to have your front fit just behind the tip of your nose (not on the edge) whenever you’re performing nollie grind tricks. This gives your front foot some breathing room to lock yourself in to whatever grind it is you’re doing—in this case, it’s a nosegrind. Learn those nollie 50-50 grinds, then take it to nollie crooks, then go all in with the nollie nosegrind. Practice makes perfect.



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