Our number one priority is the safety of our campers. Our program is supervised at all times, whether we are on the water with our qualified surf instructors or outside the water at our villa, on a day excursion or during airport transfers. At all times our staff are present to ensure the safety and well being of our extended family.

We have been working with youth groups around the world in all types of settings. From surf camps in Costa Rica, to skateboarding camps, to across the globe to adventure trips in Nepal. We got safety covered.


How do my kids travel down to Costa Rica?

Evolve Surf Camp gets campers from all over the world. We try and organize flight options so campers coming from the same area are flying together. Regardless of where they are coming from, our staff wait at the arrival airport until the last camper has arrived. If you need assistance booking a flight, please contact Evolve Surf Camp at 1.888.222.5066

What is your Policy with Drugs and Alcohol?

Evolve Surf Camp is a zero tolerance surf camp. Campers found partaking in any illegal activity will be sent home at the expense of the parents. Once you enroll your child for camp, you will have a chance to fully review our policies.

Are surfboards included in the cost of camp?

Included in the cost of camp is a rash guard and rental surfboard.

What do the kids do after they finish the day?

After campers finish the day, we have a wide variety of activities to choose from. As a group we organize evening programs, which often include: soccer, swimming, yoga and other fun games back at our villa. We eat dinners at home but on occasion head into town for dinner.

Is there a curfew for the campers?

Yes. Campers are required to be in their hotel rooms by 10:30pm every night.

Are lunches included in the cost of camp?

Lunches are not included with the camp.

Does the Evolve Surf Camp have night security?

Yes, we have a  night guard with us from 7:00PM to 7:00AM daily.  

What if my son or daughter gets hurt while in Costa Rica?

Our surf camp is equipped with certified CPR and First Aid instructors who can deal with minor injuries. In Santa Teresa there are 2 emergency medical clinics as well as an emergency medical clinic in Cobano, which is approximately 30 minutes away from our villa. For more severe emergencies campers are driven to San Jose or extreme emergencies are flown in by helicopter or plane. All campers require comprehensive ( medical, cancellation/interruption, baggage) insurance in order to attend camp.

Currency, Exchange Rates and Cash

The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon. Most shops and restaurants accept US Dollars. There are ATMS in town or at the airport where campers can take out money.

How do I reach my child while they are at camp?

Calls to campers should only be on an emergency basis, however if your child has a cell phone you can reach them directly. For emergencies parents will have access to our supervisors cell phone.